Community Group Relaunch + 3 New Groups!


Seems like we mamas are always reading blogs on the “Mom Tribe” and the importance of “finding your tribe”, but sometimes, the whole idea of a “tribe” is a lot easier than actually finding this mysterious “tribe”, isn’t it? 

Are you new in town?

Are you the first of your friends to have a baby?

Do you just want to connect with other moms who get it?

No matter how we slice it, life as a mom can be pretty lonely sometimes, right?

Well hold on, mama – Memphis Moms Blog Community Groups are here to help!

Starting today, we are officially relaunching our Community Groups [and adding 3 new ones!] as a way to connect moms in the Mid-South to the most important resources – each other. 

What Community Groups are for:

  • Advice on local services, such as hair salons or pediatricians – great for mamas who’ve just moved here or relocating within Memphis!
  • Mamas just like you who are looking for play dates or ways to meet other moms.
  • Sharing local information to help mamas be their best. This includes MMB events.
  • Support and friendships!

What Community Groups are not for:

  • Buy/Sell/Trade – there are some wonderful Facebook groups for BST, but we aren’t one of them.
  • Solicitations – that said, here at MMB, we are totally into supporting our mom-trepreneurs. Each Friday, we allow mamas with local businesses to post about their services. We’re all about moms supporting moms!
  • Gossip – unless you’ve got the scoop on a local Justin Timberlake sighting.

These groups have led to many friendships and some really funny discussions that only us local mamas would understand! Sometimes, that’s all you need. Come on over and connect with us at one of our Community Groups today!

Currently established groups based loosely on zip code / neighborhood area

These community groups are “specialized” groups and we hope if you fit into one of these, you’ll consider joining!

The Memphis Moms Blog hosts an annual event for single moms around the holidays. Watch for more details to come about the “Single Mom Spa & Shop” happening early December.

Do you love to try new beers? We created Beers & BBQ for the moms who enjoy local craft brews and meeting up with girlfriends. Join us the third Tuesday of every month at the Casual Pint on S. Highland. 

Military Mamas — you got this! We thank you and your spouses for their service to our country and this city. We want you to have a safe place to connect and help others transition in and out of Memphis. We want you to feel at home here, whether it’s for a few months or even years. In addition, our sister site, the Military Moms Blog is a fabulous national resource we encourage you to follow!