Friday Favorites by Crady


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! We’re so excited to bring this {hopefully weekly, maybe sporadically} series to you! I’ve gathered up 5 things that are my favorites right now. They bring me joy during this crazy time, and I hope that you check some of them out and that you appreciate them as well.

Hair Care

leave in conditioner spray

Look, I don’t know about you, but my hair gets SO DRY in the winter, even though we live in a relatively humid place. So when I stumbled upon this leave in conditioner spray (at Target, thankfully), I decided to try it out. Ya’ll. It’s amazing. I spray it through my towel dried hair, brush it through, and it keeps my hair from getting all crispy in the winter.


the umbrella academy

I’m a binger of television. I don’t like regular TV anymore. And honestly, I get slightly annoyed if there is only one season of a TV show. I need more! So a couple of months ago, when season 2 of The Umbrella Academy dropped on Netflix, I binged both seasons. And they are so good! It’s a little bit crazy family drama, with a sprinkling of superheroes, and a lot of noir. Plus, it’s one of those rare shows where the second season is WAY BETTER than the first. I’ve spent the last couple of months doing exactly this: recommending it as one of my favorites to anyone that will listen to me.

Coffee + Treats

17 Berkshire tea my favorite

Macarons, house made seasonal syrups to go in their delicious lattes, cupcakes, cakes, plus the most beautiful seasonal treats I’ve ever seen (Seriously, go just to experience them.). 17 Berkshire in Overton Square is a welcome addition to Memphis’ dessert scene. Plus, you can get a traditional afternoon tea! How fun for a mother/daughter date would that be?


catleberry favorite candles

Look, I love a good candle. I usually have one burning in my kitchen at all times. And, much to my husband’s annoyance, I buy new favorites every season. And then I discovered Castleberry candles and I was hooked. They are soy wax candles with a wooden wick. I had never bought a candle with a wooden wick and the first time I lit it, I thought that it had started raining outside. (The burning wood is very reminiscent of a light rain shower.) It’s great. And the candles smell amazing. And it’s a local Memphis company — you can buy them at Transformama or she has an Etsy shop.

Nom nom

curry chicken salad is one of my favorites

I know, I know. Ever since we got a Trader Joe’s everyone has SOMETHING they love and recommend. But whatever. I’m going to add to the noise anyway. I LOVE their curry chicken salad. In addition to the chicken and mayonnaise, it has carrots, cashews, raisins, honey, and (I feel like this is an obvious one) curry powder. Each tub is 3 servings; usually I eat the whole dang thing. It’s just so good.

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Crady is a native Memphian, but she left for twelve years only to return at the end of June 2016. She is wife to Brad, who is a pediatrician in the ER at LeBonheur. Together, they have three children: Cooper (August 2010), Semmes (March 2013), and Katherine Cobb (September 2016). Cooper has special needs, so she is constantly balancing being a special needs mom and a typical mom. She lives with her family in Central Gardens, where she spends her days wrangling children and trying to limit screen time. She loves vacations, book clubs, dinners with friends, and a hoppy IPA at the end of the day. She hates kids’ TV shows, people who park in handicap spots when they aren’t handicapped, and tomatoes.