Get Away From It All (Including the Kids)


At least twice a year since we became parents, my husband and I have gone on long weekend getaways (thanks to our amazing Moms for watching the kids!). We look forward to these getaways every year and look back fondly on our past trips together. Sure, we often take family trips too, but these getaways are kid free! You read that right, KID FREE!!

The kid free part is important. Soon after we discovered we were going to have a child with spina bifida, and saw the divorce statistics that came with special needs parenting, we decided we had to make “us” and our relationship a priority. 

Getting away without your kids is so important! You need that time to reconnect and remember why you love your significant other. So many times we get bogged down with practices, school, work, carpooling, and for us, doctors appointments and therapies. Having this time to “date” again and reconnect without having to stop a conversation to feed a kid or change a diaper is really meaningful to us.

 It’s hard to think about sometimes, but one day your kids will be all grown up. Then it’s just the two of you again. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my husband and I to only have our kids in common at that point in our lives. So twice a year (sometimes three times), we take long weekend trips away to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. 

This year in April, we were able to get away to Charleston for a few days before going to the Masters tournament in Augusta (my husband’s dream trip). In July we went to Vegas to celebrate our 9th anniversary. We drank fruity cocktails by the pool, ate in amazing restaurants, and even had our vows renewed by Elvis! But the best part was just being together without interruptions. 

You don’t have to actually go far to getaway. It can even be just for a night. We’ve gone “away” to downtown Memphis- stayed at a local hotel, spent the day at the rooftop pool, and the night on Beale Street before going back early for a full 9 hours of sleep (a parent’s dreams right there)! We’ve also spent a weekend away in Tunica, enjoying a book and tropical drinks at the pool during the day and the casinos at night.

It’s not necessarily about the destination, but about doing something that you like to do together. Maybe you like to hike or you like to go to museums: do it. Love to drink wine: go to a winery for the day. Maybe you’re a huge Harry Potter fan (like me) and want to go to The Wizarding World at Universal: I say, do it. We have!  

Enjoy your time with your significant other! Everything will be there when you get home- believe me. The laundry, the desperate calls of “Mama!!!” as you’re in the shower, and the sweet cuddles of excitement that you’re home. Reconnecting and making your relationship a priority is not only great for your marriage but for your family as a whole. So, do it! And have fun! 

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Erin grew up just outside of Nashville, but has been in the Memphis area for 12 years now. She’s a former middle school language arts teacher turned C.O.O. of the Lewis home (according to her husband). She’s Mama to Liv (2013), who loves to sing and play soccer and Will (2017) who loves dinosaurs, and wife to Chris, her college sweetheart. Between volunteering herself to be part of any and everything you can think of (face palm), driving Liv to zillions of therapies, and keeping Will from destroying everything, life is busy. Erin loves the beach, a good IPA, Target vacas by herself, and anything Harry Potter related (she ships Dramione!). She hates high heels, rude people that stare at cute kids in wheelchairs, and bad tippers.


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