Keep It Local :: Franco’s Italy


At Memphis Moms Blog, we strongly believe in supporting local businesses and our fellow Memphians. Throughout the months of November and December, we will be spotlighting a few of our very favorite local businesses. These are all businesses that we know and love, and we recommend them to our readers just as we do to our close friends and family!


Do you know what I love? Girls’ nights out! Delicious food, laughter, gossip, and of course wine. I think my favorite place to do that, though, is my house, because no one stacks chairs on tables and starts loudly sweeping the floor near your table in order to pressure you into leaving. “Closing time?” More like “mood killer,” if you ask me.

Plus, how much do you spend on a sit-down dinner with your friends at a restaurant, and the adult beverages that accompany that? Exactly. Santa’s budget is already a little tight this year, and going out for dinner and drinks with friends will just make it tighter.


What if I told you there’s an alternative? Picture it now: you and a handful of your closest friends, all working together to cook an awesome meal while sipping on wine and relaxing during an otherwise stressful season. Maybe a date night with other couples? A girls’ night in? Either way, shoes are optional, because you’re at home, and there aren’t patrons at a table next to you giving you dirty looks for talking and laughing too loud.

Sounds like a lot to coordinate, right? That would be a ton of fun, but would be really hard to plan. Can you believe there is actually a business here in Memphis that brings that experience to you?! I know! Why have I not been having these parties once a week?!

Franco’s Italy is just that. Bring together a group of your best friends and neighbors, and have a dinner party at your house! Franco Contaldo will bring the ingredients, the equipment, the utensils, and the wine. You and your guests will get to learn how to make authentic Italian dishes, while sipping on vino selected specifically to complement your meal. All you have to provide is the kitchen, the friends, and the gossip! Franco not only teaches you how to make this incredible meal, but he also makes sure you all have a copy of the recipes so you can do it again later. Just think how impressed everyone will be when you whip up a delicious Italian feast for them later!


Too good to be true? Nope. Check them out online at, or on Facebook, and browse the different party options they offer.

So gather your friends, select the meal you’d like to prepare, and give Franco a call. And don’t worry. Franco doesn’t judge if your casual wear consists of yoga pants and an unwashed pony tail. We’re all family, right? And we all need a fun night with friends to recharge the batteries.