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At Memphis Moms Blog, we strongly believe in supporting local businesses and our fellow Memphians who work hard to keep the local economy growing. Throughout the months of November and December, we will be spotlighting a few of our very favorite local businesses. These are all businesses that we know and love, and we recommend them to our readers just as we do to our close friends and family!

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I think we can all agree that most moms fuel their days with coffee. If you’re like me, it doesn’t make much of a difference where that caffeine kick comes from, as long as it happens within 15 minutes of your little ones jumping out of bed and taking their place as House Dictator. That’s why when I stumbled across Ugly Mug Coffee in East Memphis, I was really just looking for a quick fix. They were open, they were on the way to my next destination, and they had a drive thru window so I didn’t have to unbuckle anyone from their five-point harness. Perfect.

It wasn’t until my third trip to Ugly Mug {without my Little Dictator}, that I came to truly appreciate them. Not only are they locally-owned, which I love, but they roast their coffee right here in Memphis. That’s right. Right here. Which means it’s by far the freshest coffee you’ll find. It also means that they have that local Memphis pride that the big chains are lacking. The people who work for Ugly Mug are our neighbors. Every last one of them, from the guy who runs the online store to the woman who hands you your coffee at the drive thru window.

What really sticks out to me is the sense of community I feel every time I go into Ugly Mug. Granted, they’ve come to know me over the past few months {their free wifi made them the unofficial Memphis Moms Blog “office” for a while}, but even before I became an old familiar face to the employees and manager, they treated me like family. Every customer is greeted with a warm smile, and a conversation usually starts between the employees and the customers. There was also that time I was there stealing their wifi working, and the manager offered all the high school kids that made straight A’s on their report cards a free cookie:


Their coffee is delicious, it’s priced better than that huge chain coffee shop with those dumb red cups that we are all so sick of hearing about (am I right?!),  their pastries and pizzas are incredible (yeah, you read that right: pizza), and their employees are some of the friendliest folks around. Add that to the great 90’s music they play, and the warm fuzzies that come with supporting a locally-owned and operated business, and there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t stop by Ugly Mug the next time you’re near Poplar and Perkins in east Memphis.

Do you really, really not feel like leaving the house? Or maybe you want to send a little Memphis to someone you love for Christmas? You can shop their online store here. They offer ground and whole bean coffee both in their cafe and online, along with a bunch of Ugly Mug gear and all sorts of coffee brewing gadgets.

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