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Friday Faves

Ok. So 2020 wasn’t all that it cracked up to be. It was supposed to be the Roaring Twenties, Part II. But…

However, 2021 is off to a better start! These 5 Fave things have carried me on! (Insert praise dance.) Three out of five of them I engage in on a daily basis. One of these I enjoy on a weekly basis. And one is almost a weekly basis! I’m tellin y’all, I’m living life to the fullest!

1. Fit4Mom

I was invited to a Fit4Mom Momma workout by Crady, one of the owners of Memphis Mom Collective. The workout was an hour long and it was hard. But afterwards, I felt this weird sense of accomplishment. So I stalked them on social media. (No shame in my game.) I liked what I saw. On January 1st, I attended my first 6am class and fell in love. If 6am workouts aren’t your cup of tea, don’t fret, they have several other options. I signed up for the Unlimited Virtual Class Plan. It is extremely affordable. It is now July, and there hasn’t been a single week where I didn’t workout with Fit4Mom. I’m also enrolled in Body Well and Run Club, where I have real access to a personal trainer, nutritionist, and a run coach. I have gotten so strong because of Fit4Mom. It’s just a bonus that my lingerie slips on like butter!

Fit4Mom fave

  1. Coco Lola’s Lingerie

Speaking of lingerie. Do you wear it? I have run into several women who don’t wear lingerie! They’re like, “It’s uncomfortable.” “Why put it on, only to take it off?” “I can’t find any to fit my body type.” If you have said this before, you need to try Coco Lola’s Lingerie in Midtown. It’s gold for the body! Keep in mind that I’m a size 18, with 4 kids, and I love good food. In other words, I’m a whole meal! Coco Lola’s has lingerie for every shape and size. Their lingerie is so comfortable I wear it to sleep. After the bedroom tango, I don’t have to take it off. Well, during the bed tango I don’t have to take it off. This lingerie has special openings, snaps, and holes for the P to reach the V without complications. I literally wear lingerie every night. Not for Hubby, but for myself! I look sexy as hell! Yes, Coco Lola’s is definitely my fav!

5 fav

  1. Audible
  2. I’m an avid reader. I’m in 2 book clubs and read several books on my own. (Friend me on GoodReads!) Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to read physical books with as much veracity as I like to. So Audible has been a lifesaver. I listen to books while I shower. I ignore the kids arguing over who gets the last waffle or boiled egg, and get steamy with a hot romance novel. I listen to books while I cook. There’s just something about a good comedy paired with good food to help me wind down. I listen to books while I drive or walk. It helps to block I-240 traffic. I listen to books while I work. A good murder mystery always put things in perspective. All of the narrators are amazing and really bring the book to life. This fave lets me escape the normal crazy and enter into a new type of crazy.

audible fave

  1. Tracy’s Dog

I don’t know Tracy and I don’t know her dog. I have no idea why this heaven sent vibrator has this name. But y’all…..hold on to your walls because they’re about to get wet. This isn’t your typical vibrator. Yes, it has a part for clitoral stimulation as well as vaginal stimulation. But it reacts to your body. Yes, you read that right. If you tighten while it’s inside, it will slow to a deep, rhythmic thrust. If you relax, well…I’m sure you get the picture. The silicon skin will make you feel like you’re with the real thing. Now, because it only has 2 buttons, but over 20-something different variations, you must practice before you perrrrfect it. But trust me, you’ll enjoy the practice too. This BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend) is great for your alone time as well as partnered play. Let’s be honest ladies, sometimes one orgasm isn’t enough. (Just search for it on Amazon…)

5 fav

  1. Voodoo Cafe

I am in LOVE with Voodoo Cafe. It’s located in Bartlett, close to the intersection of Bartlett Blvd and Stage Road. They serve the best coffees. My fave is the Gucci Mane Remix. It’s brewed with Gucci Mane Coffee beans. But Voodoo takes it a step further in a sweet direction. They add chocolate and raspberry syrup. Y’all I’m melting just thinking about it. Now that it’s Summer, my favorite beignet is back. Oh, did I forget to mention that this is an authentic, New Orleans style, beignet cafe in Bartlett. Ohhhhh yeaaaa. They have beignet flavors for every tongue. But mine is the Strawberry Laveau. It’s a beignet topped with cream, fresh strawberries, and powdered sugar. (It’s decided. I’m going in the morning.) As well as having great food and auh-maze-ing customer service, they also have punch cards and an Ugly Mug Club to help you save some $$$. Aight…see y’all there tomorrow at 9:30am sharp!

voodoo cafe fave

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