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Thoroughly enjoying everything at The Little Gym

My daughter and I attended our first parent-and-child class at The Little Gym last week, and boy, did we have a good time! After browsing the website, I learned that, at almost 15 months, my daughter is a “Bird,” their name for the 10-19 month old group. So, with great anticipation, I made plans for us to attend a Wednesday morning Bird class.

The Little Gym’s location in Carrefour at Kirby Woods in Germantown

From the moment we stepped into The Little Gym, we felt welcomed and included. The lobby area is bright, friendly, and clean with shoe cubbies, toys, chairs, and some merchandise for sale. We checked in at the desk, where we were asked to fill out introductory paperwork, and one of the owners, Melissa, answered all of my questions and made us feel right at home. We had arrived a few minutes early, so my daughter had time to play in the lobby with a few other early Birds. (Get it??)

Enjoying the lobby toys at The Little Gym

Unfortunately, in those few minutes, she managed to have a dirty diaper during — I’m not exaggerating — the only outing in over a year of Moming when I have failed to pack any spare diapers! To my relief, they have a wonderfully well-equipped bathrooms with extra diapers (and supplies for moms, too!). Way to know your audience! 

After successfully dealing with the diaper situation, it was time for class to begin. The “gym” space is a large room filled with mats and gymnastics obstacles, all of which are age-appropriate in size and color. All classes for ages four months to three years are 45 minutes long, and this class was well-structured for the age and attention-span. We began by sitting in a circle and made introductions. I was so pleased to see them take time to have adults introduce themselves and the baby; so many classes we attend never ask adults to say their names, which leaves me feeling like I have missed the opportunity for a meaningful connection. And, both the instructor and other adults continued to call both my daughter and me by name throughout the class, which made me feel a great sense of belonging.

The bulk of the class included introductory songs and “warm-up,” several parachute activities, bouncy ball free play time, an opportunity to crawl or walk the padded obstacle course, and a few final songs. If this seems like a lot of activities for 45 minutes, it was! But, it was the perfect amount of time per activity for the little Birds. My daughter can walk and is incredibly independent, and she was allowed to engage in the activities or to wander around, as she chose. This was a huge relief for me because I am often chasing her around and trying to cajole her to sit in my lap during other classes, where, for example, it can be embarrassing to have a child stand in the center of circle shrieking. Not this class! Her unbridled enthusiasm and curiosity was welcomed and appreciated — in short, all children were encouraged to be themselves, which I loved. 

Obstacle course time!

We had big fun at The Little Gym, and I look forward to going back!

At The Little Gym, we believe kids should be able to act like kids. We also believe fun environments are especially conducive to the kind of learning that prepares them for life’s adventures. Through unique programs that revolve around active play, we complement and enhance the traditional school experience – even before kids are school age! We give children a safe and inspiring space to direct their energy, build confidence, and develop key skills.

Explore the range of classes we offer at The Little Gym of Germantown:

Parent/Child (ages 4 months – 3)
Our Parent/Child classes promote early development and provide a strong foundation for your child’s critical first three years.

Preschool (age 3-6)
Our preschool gymnastics program will help your child channel their boundless energy and reach developmental milestones in a structured environment.

School Age (6-10)
Our preschool gymnastics program will help your child channel their boundless energy and reach developmental milestones in a structured environment.

Sports Conditioning (age 3-6)
Sports Skills classes pave the way for a lifetime of home runs, touchdowns and high fives by offering a solid grounding in the rules, strategies and fun of team sports.

And even more fun…

The Little Gym also throws a fantastic birthday party!

Named Best Gym Party by Parents Magazine, an Awesome Birthday Bash at The Little Gym gives your birthday kid and their friends the full run of the facility, filling the celebration with instructor-led games. Offered for ages 1-12. 

Schools Out Camps!

Combining physical activity, gymnastics, games, and arts & crafts, we’ll help your child beat the heat of summer by staying cool at The Little Gym. Our fantastic camps are also available during some other school breaks!

Parents’ Survival Night!

Scheduled on select evenings, our Parents’ Survival Nights give you time to see a movie, catch up with friends or enjoy a meal while your kids get some quality “kid time” in a safe, fun, familiar place!

Pay to Play!

New! Open to all ages, come drop in and play! Check their Facebook Page weekly for the drop in & play schedule. Parents must stay the entire time. For members, it’s $5 / 1st child, each additional sibling $3. For non-members, it’s $7/ 1st child, each additional sibling is $3.


Call 901-755-1323 to schedule a visit, enroll in a class, or to book a party!


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