With New Pets Comes New Responsibilities

Planning on gifting your kids with a new pet this holiday? Hollywood Feed is here to help!

Have you ever noticed the way a kid’s face lights up at the sight of a new furry friend? Beyond making children happy, pets provide a great opportunity to teach children how to love, respect, and be responsible for another being. For some families, turning your child’s dream of pet ownership into reality might seem like a big step. While it’s true that owning a pet is a big responsibility, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a challenge. Teaching children how to interact with animals is a must-have life lesson. The first thing you need to do is prepare yourself, your home, and your family by managing expectations and responsibilities.

Do Your Research

If your family is looking to adopt a pet, the first thing you need to do is consider what pet will be the best fit for your home and family. Is your home dog or cat friendly? Some pets require more physical activity and space, while others might be able to find a cozy spot in the house and never want to move. Visit your local shelter and talk with one of their trained experts to get a feel for the dogs and cats that are currently available for adoption. Are there any that are particularly good with children or that mesh well with other dogs? Explain your circumstances and see which pets might be a good fit for your family. When you adopt from a Humane Society or rescue group, you’re not only picking a new friend for your family, you’re also saving a life. If you’re a first-time pet owner, don’t fret! There are several resources you can find to help navigate training and key tips for responsible pet ownership. And, Hollywood Feed can help you stock up on supplies! When you bring your adoption or rescue paperwork into your local Hollywood Feed store, you’ll receive a discount on essential supplies and a free bag of food.

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Take Advantage of New Technology

With new technology and services on the rise, owning a pet has never been easier. Find products that will help make pet ownership – and life – a bit more manageable by investing in an automatic pet feeder for busy days when you’re out running errands. Hollywood Feed is taking steps to change the game with same-day delivery. Now, you can have your pet’s food, toys, and treats delivered to your home or office on the same day you order them, usually within an hour.

Share Responsibilities 

Instead of making your pet’s care your sole responsibility, have the kids join in to help. By sharing responsibilities with your kids, you can teach them valuable lessons on how to properly respect and take care of others. Create a daily task list for children to use as a routine when they start taking care of their new pet. Add items to the list such as feeding times, how many cups of food to use each time, and when the pet needs to be walked. By doing this, children will learn the importance of tending to the needs of another, as well as better understanding time management. You’ll be surprised to see how excited young children are to help out!

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Owning a pet brings about more responsibilities, but luckily those responsibilities are easy to manage if you take these tips into account. Have more questions about becoming the owner of a furry friend? Our experts at Hollywood Feed are happy to help. Visit our website at http://www.hollywoodfeed.comor visit one of our stores around the Mid-South.

About the Author:

Jean McGhee is a co-owner of Hollywood Feed, a natural and holistic pet specialty retail store founded and headquartered in Memphis. The brand currently has 102 locations nationwide.