20 Cute and Punny Valentine Ideas for the Classroom


20 cute and punny valentines ideas

It’s no secret that I love a good holiday. Any excuse to decorate and get crafty makes me giddy! Valentine’s Day is coming up and we’ve rounded up some of the cutest ideas out there. I am so excited to have a child old enough that gets to pass out valentines to her classmates. I have fond memories of making a Valentine’s Day box with my mother and then proudly walking it into school. In the afternoon we would get to take turns passing out a valentine to all our friends. It’s such a fun tradition and although the pre-printed ones from the store are cute, most of them will just get tossed in the trash after the kids remove the cheap sucker attached to it. No judgement if that’s the route you usually go. Today I want to encourage you to step out of the comfort zone and try one of these ideas. They are super easy and I have included a link with each one! Just click on the description for the link to the free printables.

Here are some great non-food options:

Here is  fun one using a maze…I may have seen these in the Target dollar spot today.


Have some broken crayons laying around? These would be really cute and easy to make!


I am really loving this one. Dollar Tree paint sets…here I come!  The free printable is so cute!


I love this Play-doh one. Make sure to buy the value pack to save money.


You can find bubbles in the party section at Target, etc. Bubbles are always a hit!


This one is creative but VERY easy to do…just print and staple. Done 🙂


Pop Rocks are always fun!


This one is super girly and fun to me.

Valentine's Day Printable Treat Bag Toppers

You can never go wrong with gummy bears!


Have a boy? Check out these fun options!

All kids like gummy worms, right?! Get the free printable here.


These sharks are really cool!


I love the look of these. Anything with a mason jar gets my vote!


Have a Minecraft fan in your house? They will love this one!


Love these paratrooper valentines and the little boys will go crazy over them!


You may have to apologize to the teacher later, but these are sure to be a hit!


All kids like Goldfish right?! These are sure to please everyone!


These are just precious and super easy to make!

Valentine's day cards 017

Want to send a healthy valentine to school. Check out this one that uses Cuties.


This one is super cute using the ever popular applesauce pouch.


These love bug fruit cups are so precious!


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!