Dads of Girls, We Adore You


For all the tiny toes you’ve painted.
For the times you’ve played dress up.

You’ve attempted to master ponytails and pigtails.
You’ve quieted little cries at night with your strength.

For the times you watched Sofia instead of the Saints.
And Frozen instead of football.

You’ve patiently buttoned up little dresses with your big hands.
And let our tiny princesses dance on your feet.

For telling her she looks pretty when she’s all dressed up.
And telling her she looks pretty when she’s just woken up.

You’ve taken her on dates to make her feel special.
You’ve taken her on adventures to give her courage.

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For leaving work to go to dance classes.
And coaching the girls soccer team.

Your love is what she wants more than anything.
And you give it to her day after day, selflessly.

You’d give up all the tee times in the world
Just to see her smile.

You dry her tears with your playfulness.
You protect her always.

For making heart-shaped sandwiches.
And leaving a heart-shaped hole when you’re gone.

For letting her get dirty.
And teaching her how to have fun.

You’ve remained calm while her emotions are not.
Letting her little body melt into yours, she feels safe.

When she’s with you, she’s fearless.





Not lacking anything, because you’ve given her everything.

She knows who she is, because she knows you love her.
And that’s all she needs to take on the world.

Dad’s of girls, we adore you.


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Misty was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and became a brand new Memphian in 2015. She married Aaron in 2008, and together they have three girls: Eden (March 2012), Elyana (Sept 2013), and Elise (June 2015). Since 2007, Misty has worked in private practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Provisionally Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is passionate about helping women, children, and families grow and heal. Misty recently became a stay-at-home mom and is soaking up all the extra time with her little ones as they explore the big city of Memphis. When she’s not playing dress up and painting tiny toes, she likes to read, eat Cajun food, and cheer on her alma mater, the LSU Tigers. Misty and her crew live in Arlington.