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Hi there! My name is Destin Tucker, and I like to appear like I have it ALL together. But boy, does motherhood make keeping up this appearance nearly impossible. I grew up in Bruceton, TN {ever heard of it?} and moved to Memphis for the first time as a college freshman at the University of Memphis in 2000. I have lived in Memphis for the past 15 years minus two years after college when I went to UT Knoxville to pursue my Master’s Degree in College Student Personnel. After receiving my Master’s Degree from UTK, I took a job back at my undergraduate alma mater and have been at the UofM in Admissions & Orientation ever since.

If I could described my life in two words, it would be “organized chaos.” Apparently I thrive in chaos in both work and home life. One such chaotic time in life was when I graduated from UTK with my Master’s in May 2006, got married in Memphis in June, returned to Knoxville for about three weeks to pack up, and then moved back to Memphis in July. Don’t worry- I totally kept it ALL together. Honestly, the hardest part was finishing up that Master’s degree- just ask my then fiancé {now husband, sweet Brian}. He still talks about me typing away at the computer to finish that final paper with tears streaming down my face. And, I’m typically not much of a crier— it totally ruins the keeping it all together façade.

photo credit :: Kevin Barre Photography
photo credit :: Kevin Barre Photography

Brian and I had other chaotic times and lots of fun times in our first four years of marriage before the wonderful chaos of parenthood started. Our first son, Logan, came in July 2010, and we were thrilled, but so unsure like most new parents. I totally thought I knew everything about motherhood before I actually became a Mom {even though I had never changed a diaper}. But as I have said many times since that humble mom beginning, “Never say never.” Our second son, Grayson, was born in June 2013, and I am officially 100% #boymom. Having just one sister growing up, I was not sure what I would do if I ever had a boy. And now I have two boys, and our house is full of wild boy energy, wrestling, superhero costumes, trains, planes, automobiles, and all things Star Wars – and I truly could not imagine it any other way.

When it comes to being a Mom, I should have “never said never” to a child sleeping in my bed, lying down every night with a 5 year old while he drifts off to sleep {with no plans to stop}, watching Star Wars, soothing my babies to sleep {I could not do the cry it out thing}, tricycles down the hall, toys in the den, inflatable decorations in the yard {seriously, you should have seen my lawn for Halloween- but my 5-year-old was over the moon}, iPad time as a reward, not making the boys’ beds between every nap/night time {gasp!}, and occasional PB&J sandwiches for dinner.

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I am trying to instill in my boys that the #1 rule in our house is to be kind to others. I want them to know that their words matter, and they should choose them wisely. The old adage- sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me- simply does not fly in our house because words can be so much more hurtful than a punch.

I am fairly laid back when it comes to running in the house, loud playing/wrestling, and jumping on the beds {boys will be boys?}, and I try to let my boys work out their disagreements among themselves unless it gets too violent. Let’s just say that my two-year-old has no problem taking up for himself.

My crazy Mom side comes out in regards to car seat safety {seriously crazy- you better have the chest buckle at armpit height if you are driving around my sons & only my hubby, sister or me can install that car seat} and using sunscreen {every 80 minutes, check}. Everyone has their soapboxes, right?

I am a Memphian through and through, and I do not see us leaving here. We are so lucky to have my in-laws and my sister, her hubby and two wild boys all in Memphis. {Yes, the two girly sisters have ALL boys, and it is such fun.} Plus, my mom and grandmother are not too far away, and we get to see them often.

While I have a hard time keeping it ALL together with two wild boys and two full-time working parents, I love the chaos that is our life even though it is not perfect. Sometimes the house gets messy, we are late for school/work, four loads of laundry need to be folded and are put off another day, date night is long overdue, and I go to the Germantown Kroger on Saturday without make up. But, snuggling on the couch with the hubby and boys watching Miles from Tomorrowland after a long day at work and school makes all in the world seem OK.


  1. Destin, you’re blog was wonderful! You do have it all together, but you know what? None of us do. Being a mom is seriously hard work and we try our best everyday to keep things moving along, making sure eveyone is taken care of and not screaming at their sister. I have 2 girls now, one is my step-daughter and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I can only imagine how wild 2 boys would be. I love my husband…he’s always my calm in the storm or when I won’t just sit down for a minute. My 1 year old hasn’t ever slept in her own room… always in the pack n play and just recently in the bed with us every morning around 3 a.m. it’s tough but it gets us the sleep we need to carry on another day of the work/life balancing act. Great job! It’s always a joy to encourage other moms and say hey even though I didn’t do things that way you’re still an awesome mom. We have to support each other and keep on living this crazy mom life.

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