The Answer to the Dinnertime Struggle :: Le Jardin

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Every evening at around 5:00, this is the text I receive:



Panic. Every. Single. Time.

What’s for dinner? I have no clue, darling. Probably one of the three things I always end up making. Or we can order a pizza. Or we can pack everyone up and go out to eat. Again.

There’s actually a much better answer, though. And it’s quick, easy, and affordable. Basically, it’s the answer to your dinnertime struggle.


Le Jardin is the answer to all my frantic dinnertime prayers. It’s a great balance between going to a restaurant for the great food, and eating at home because you just can’t bring yourself to fight crowds and deal with your kids being antsy in public.

Delicious Gourmet Food

You can please every person in your house with Le Jardin’s menu. You can choose from a wide array of appetizers and dips, soups, sides, main courses, and my personal favorite: desserts! 

Easy on the Bank Account

I love the idea of saving money, especially now with the holidays coming up. Instead of sticking to my three specialties (which, let’s be honest, aren’t that great), I try to branch out and cook new things. The problem is, I end up buying an entire bag of pine nuts when I only need a couple of tablespoons. The grocery bill adds up, and the stash of extra unused ingredients end up in the garbage. It’s so wasteful, and pretty annoying. Grabbing dinner from Le Jardin cuts back on all that wasted food and money!


The simplicity of a restaurant, in theory, is great. I don’t have to cook. I don’t have to think. I don’t have a child hanging on my leg while I’m trying to mess with hot stuff. In practice, however, getting everyone packed up and out the door (after spending all day at work or school) is just not ideal. Plus, how tiring is it worrying constantly about your kid behaving? In the comfort of my home, my son can eat with no pants on. That’s not really something restaurants are on board with. 

Have a lot of family coming in for the holidays? Instead of eating out every meal, simplify feeding everyone!



Grand Opening Event

You should really, really take the worry out of dinner this Thursday. Swing by Le Jardin during their Grand Opening event between 4:00 and 7:00, and pick up dinner. But while you’re there, you can also enjoy food tastings, raffles, drinks, and giveaways!

Giveaways? Yes. Giveaways.

You can get more information about this event on their Facebook page, or by checking out the Facebook event page.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go drool over the photos of their crab cakes and kick back knowing the worry has been taken out of what’s for dinner!