A Guide to Mother-Son Dates in Memphis


We often think about dating our husband or spouse, but that other boy in your life is sometimes forgotten! That’s why we’ve come up with a list of fun activities to do with your son(s); not just for a holiday, but all year long!

Dates for Little Boys [ages 18mo – 3]

  1. Head over to bounce out that energy at Jumpin’ Jelly Beans, the newest indoor play place in Collierville. There’s ball pits, climbing structures, and tons of giggles to be made! Every Tuesday through the month of February, toddlers under 5 are only $8.
  2. Have a membership to CMOM? Try out the enclosed toddler play area. There’s a fun school bus to sit on, a climbing structure appropriate for tiny hands, and a giant light bright! There’s even a private toddler bathroom with tiny toilets!
  3. Toddlers love popsicles. Do a sweet treat date at Dipsticle, La Michoacana, or MemPops, just to name a few locally owned places!
  4. Toddlers love to get their hands messy. A fantastic place to let out their inner Picasso is The Art Project in Midtown. Baby Art (6 months – 2 years) is on Mondays and Toddler Art (2yo +) is on Wednesdays and even includes a story! Plus, you leave the mess for someone else to clean up!
  5. When all else fails, a mom-son date to Chik-Fil-A is the way to go! Awesome kids meals for the boy and the Lord’s chicken for Mom. Win-Win!

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Dates for Big Boys [ages 4 – 6]

  1. Leave the hubby (and girls) behind and take your son to the Kids Rock Family Day at the Dixon Gallery & Gardens. Scavenger hunts, snacks, games, and live performances are just some of the fun planned for the afternoon. Happening from 10am-2pm, the Gallery is also open. Peruse some of the fine art and ask your son which type of art he likes the best. You might just be surprised at his answer!
  2. Muddy’s Bakeshop is always a crowd pleaser in this age group. With a variety of flavor combinations, you can’t go wrong with a cupcake treat! (and it’s budget friendly)
  3. If it’s a beautiful day, head over to the Discovery Playground at Shelby Farms Park! Be a kid again, and join your son on one of the “see-saw swings” or build a castle in the sand pit. If a playground isn’t your son’s thing, take a slow walk around Hyde Lake. At this age, he might even hold your hand the entire time!
  4. Venture downtown to the Fire Museum of Memphis. I mean, what boy doesn’t just go heart eyes over a big, giant firetruck! Open daily from 9am – 4:30pm, in addition to all the interactive exhibits, be sure to be on the lookout for Izzy the firedog.
  5. If you want to head to dinner with your big boy, Central BBQ (on Summer Avenue) offers for kids to eat free on Mondays and Tuesdays! See, he’s a cheap date! 

Memphis Moms Blog mother son date

Dates for Bigger Boys [age 7 – 9]

  1. Rock climbing will make you a rock-star mom in their eyes. Try out Memphis Rox in South Memphis or Highpoint Climbing and Fitness in East Memphis. Both facilities offer bouldering areas as well as areas that need a certified belay instructor. Don’t worry! There’s lots of friendly staff around to help you navigate the options and fit you for harnesses. At Highpoint Climbing, there’s even a giant “Jack-and-the-Beanstalk” to climb! So cool!
  2. If it’s not raining, take a mother-son bike ride on the Greenline. Pack a picnic lunch of your boy’s favorite snacks (don’t forget to splurge on the junk food!) and hang out together eating. It’s amazing what conversations will happen when you create a slower paced mood and are available to truly sit and listen.
  3. Did you know Ikea has a candy wall? Yaassss. Grab a bag, let them scoop up candy to their heart’s content, and watch him have a sugar high. 
  4. Have you been to Bricks and Minifigs in Carriage Crossing in Collierville? It’s a one-stop everything Lego store. They sell sets, bulk bricks, and of course mini-figures. They also buy and trade all Lego products. So head over there with your son (and wallet), pick out a new set and head home for some quality building time together!
  5. Boys love burgers! A casual yet fun restaurant to treat your son is Belly Acres in Overton Square. A farm theme inside has a real tractor for a fun selfie background. Be sure to order a handmade milkshake to share. The peanut butter chocolate is amazing.

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Dates with Tweens [age 10-12]

  1. Do you have a gamer? Head over to The Rec Room on Broad Ave. The Rec Room boasts vintage gaming consoles and old arcades. Take a blast to the past and introduce to your son what Mom used to play on. Most of the week it opens at 5, except on Saturdays when it opens at noon! 
  2. We don’t want you striking out on dating-your-son ideas. That’s why Billy Hardwick’s All Star Lanes is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with your guy. For an extra fun outing, Cosmic Bowling starts every night at 9pm!
  3. There’s a saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and that’s pretty much true for all growing boys. This is why pizza is the way to go. Try out Broadway Pizza (2 locations, E. Memphis and Broad Avenue) where the pies are humongous. Or head to Pizza Rev, where there’s the option to pile on unlimited amounts of toppings. 
  4. Kids of all ages love live shows! Take your son out on a theatre date to Playhouse on the Square in Midtown. Family-friendly shows are only $10 for adults and $5 a kid (and lucky for you Mama, 13 and under is still considered a kid! Hold the tissues!)
  5. Even though your boys are growing up, they still love the yogurt places where they can choose their flavor and load up on those toppings. Try out YoLo or Yogurt Mountain, and you’ll always have a sweet time with your son.

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Dates for Teens [13+]

  1. This is the perfect age to refine those “dating” skills they’ll soon be using with girls (here’s that tissue again). Head downtown for a night at the Orpheum. Get dressed in your Sunday best and practice those chivalrous moves — opening the doors, presenting the tickets, assisting you down the aisle to find your seats. The elegance of your surroundings will be the perfect backdrop to a memory-making evening out.
  2. For the gourmet pallet, Southern Social in Germantown is fine dining at it’s best. Indulge in their grilled pimento cheese, tomahawk pork chop, or shrimp and grits. Your son will realize how special it is to experience a hi-end restaurant with his Mama! (You can even pretend you’re a culinary critic and discuss each course as it appears. Be sure to try things outside of your norm)
  3. Do you have a bookworm? Peruse the aisles of Novel in East Memphis. Discuss different genres and show your son books you enjoyed reading in high school, too. Novel. also hosts author signings and talks monthly. The cafe attached, Libro, is excellent and the Delta catfish with tangy slaw is worth the try.
  4. Have a moody teen you’re trying to connect with? There’s nothing like throwing sharp objects to bring the two of you back together. Civil Axe down on Broad Ave. is the newest addition to Memphis. $20 gets you an instructor and 2 axes provided. Be sure to make a reservation. 
  5. Wanna be the cool mom? Take your handsome date to Sushi Jimi’s in East Memphis to try out their famous sushi burritos. They are giant. There’s also “non sushi” menu items for those less adventurous eaters. 

Memphis Moms Blog mother son date


  1. Great advice! Lori- I see you moved from Pittsburgh to Memphis; I’m about to do that with me 3 littles this summer. I’d love to connect with you!

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