Happy Halfy!


I’ve tried. Really I have. To have cute birthday traditions. We’ve done the balloons in the bed (crib), but that required me to get up REALLY early. And I just don’t have the time or energy for all of that. We’ve tried presents (wrapped and everything) on the table, waiting for them when they wake up. But, again, this requires planning and execution. Both things that, with my insane kids and insane schedule, just aren’t in me. Nope. Nope. Nope. I can barely make Christmas happen, let alone doing all of that three extra times of the year. My kids have parties. Isn’t that enough??

There is one birthday tradition I have been able to do and maintain. And that is the halfy. What is a halfy, you ask? Well let me tell you about it. A halfy is a half birthday (get it?). And it is the easiest tradition to honor. Because to honor the halfy correctly, you only need two things:

  1. To actually remember the date of your kid’s half birthday.
  2. To provide cookies. 

And sometimes, when life happens, the cookie can be from Panera on the way home from school. See below:

happy halfy cookie
Four and a half!

Look, don’t get me wrong. I love my children and want to celebrate the fact that they’re getting older, bigger, and wiser (but at the same time I kinda want to curl into a ball and cry in my closet). But there are three of them, a husband who works lots of really weird hours, an aging dog, two indoor/outdoor cats, plus my own job. At this stage in my life, I need easy, simple. My kids are still young enough that giving them cookies to honor their half birthday is awesome. (Seriously, my middle son was just five-and-a-half and he has told that to EVERYONE he has come into contact with.) 

[easy-image-collage id=16654]

I also kinda like that it’s at a whole separate time from their actual birthdays. They get a party. They get a cake. They get presents. Isn’t that enough? And then, six months later, they get another fun thing to commemorate the halfway point to the next age. That half mark is important to kids. More so than I ever would’ve thought. They’re so PROUD to be their age plus a half. And this is a great way to commemorate that.

Moms, you have a kid with an April birthday? If so, fire up those ovens and get to baking; your kid is about to have a really fun Halfy! 

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Crady is a native Memphian, but she left for twelve years only to return at the end of June 2016. She is wife to Brad, who is a pediatrician in the ER at LeBonheur. Together, they have three children: Cooper (August 2010), Semmes (March 2013), and Katherine Cobb (September 2016). Cooper has special needs, so she is constantly balancing being a special needs mom and a typical mom. She lives with her family in Central Gardens, where she spends her days wrangling children and trying to limit screen time. She loves vacations, book clubs, dinners with friends, and a hoppy IPA at the end of the day. She hates kids’ TV shows, people who park in handicap spots when they aren’t handicapped, and tomatoes.