I’ll admit it, I’m a Hot Mess Mama


Raise your hand if you’re a hot mess mama! Because I am, and I’m choosing to just accept it. Let’s hear it for those of us who have entirely too much going on at any given moment, whose brains have quit, necessitating written “to-do” lists and timed reminders from Alexa.

picture of a white mug with "I can't even" written on it, coffee is life for a hot mess mama

I never though I’d end up a hot mess mama, but here I am. Before I had kids I was the person who got things done yesterday, who was always a few minutes early and stayed late at work to make sure things were finished, who not only remembered birthdays, but baked treats for co-workers birthdays, and CALLED people on their birthdays.

I thrived in fast paced environments; I liked to be busy.

After I had my first child I struggled with what I now realize was undiagnosed postpartum depression. I was home by myself a lot and didn’t get out much. There were days I was on top of everything and others where I could only manage to focus on caring for my child. As she got older, I got better and, even after we had our second child, I still sort of had my ducks in a row. We did crafts for the grandparents and everything.

Then I suddenly had two toddlers and the ducks went AWOL.

Enter the hot mess mama. Characteristics include, but are not limited to:

  1. Constantly walking into rooms and completely forgetting why.
  2. Losing your train of thought and never getting it back.
  3. Feeling like your brain can’t possibly process another thing, while cramming more information into it.
  4. Having a physical “to-do” list that you have to check and recheck all day to make sure you don’t forget things.
  5. Have electronic devices remind you to do things. (Thank God for Alexa, she reminds me to fold laundry.)
  6. Frequently “losing” items that are physically on your person. Looking at you keys, sunglasses, and phone….

Honestly I think the root of my hot mess mama-ness comes down to a few things. The constant interruptions are number one, like my kids literally tried to force a door open today while I was on the phone ordering flowers for a funeral. This leads to the inability for me to have a complete thought, like ever. Also, multiple people are always talking to me AT THE SAME TIME. Add all this to the fact that I am the primary person for almost all things household related and well, nobody is surprised.

Also before you start blaming my husband for not doing enough, he does a ton. He’s just not physically home a lot because of his job, so he can only be responsible for so much. God bless the man, he loves me in all my hot mess mama glory, and makes me take time for myself as often as he can.

So for those of you who don’t fall into this category, here are a few things you should know. Yes, I meant to call you or follow through on those plans we wanted to make, but guess what? Every time I have the brain function to remember, it’s literally 2am or I’m in the shower. Yes, I know I babble when I actually get to be around adults, but I’m just so sick of doing all the listening. Yes, I’m aware that I have a lot going on, but I’m learning to say no.

So please just continue to call me and force me to make plans and embrace the verbal diarrhea. It helps me feel more like myself, and this hot mess mama loves you for it!

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Colleen is new to Memphis (February 2020), but has fallen in love with the area already. She has been married to her husband Ryan since 2015 and they have 2 children; Addison (2016) and Orin (2018). They also have 3 dogs and a Crested Gecko. Colleen was born and raised in Massachusetts, went to college in Florida (go CANES!), and lived in New Mexico before her husband’s job brought the family to Tennessee. She is so excited to be living somewhere green again; the desert was not her thing! Before she had kids Colleen worked in veterinary medicine. She became a stay-at-home mom after the birth of her first child and started a dog training business shortly after, focusing on family dogs. Colleen runs on way too much black coffee, loves a good book, baking, and driving fast cars.