Mama Vibes Loud and Clear


We’ve got something in common. We moms stick together. We support each other.

When the life of another mom is disrupted by fear, sadness, or pain, we try to imagine being in her shoes. We often can’t fully grasp it unless we have also been through it, but it’s the attempt to understand and to feel what it must be like that makes a difference. While we may not share the same culture, background, or education, that does not displace our common factor: we can confidently attest to how much we love our kids. We would readily trade places with our children when they are hurt. We would live a life of misery if it could mean a life of indescribable happiness for them. Everything that we do and everything that we are exists in our efforts to give them all of the love that we have, in every way possible.

So mama, we know that when your baby is hurting, you are hurting. When your baby is going through it, so are you. Even when your life has become too familiar with fear, your concern is still for your child. And while we all have our individual hardships, each experience deepens our capacity to connect to, and be there for, other moms.

Memphis Moms Blog
Thank you for just being there.

Mom to Mom, thank you for…

…the coffee.

…your understanding.

…the prayers for my well-being and strength.

…the meal that you delivered.

…taking my babies on an outing.

…crying with me even if I am never aware of it.

…sharing your experiences, so I don’t feel alone when I go through the same thing.

…petitioning healing for my child, as I do for yours.

…sitting on the phone and listening to me vent until I feel better.

…dropping off a bottle of shampoo, because the beauty supply store had a ridiculously insane sale.

…going to Target with me for no reason.

…the wine.

…just being there- in whatever capacity you have to give.

…for fixing my crown.

…for simply, quietly understanding, while sending good vibrations my way.

Memphis Moms Blog
Thank you for fixing my crown.

Rest assured that when we see each other, no words are necessary. Our visual exchange says it all. As your vibrations find their way to me, I am thankful for you. Grateful for your thoughts, your prayers, and your smile. I am comforted by your understanding, your hope, and your empathy. When you looked at me I received it all. Those Mama vibes were loud and clear. And with what I have to give, I send those vibrations right back to you.

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