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Born and raised in Middle America agriculture country, I call the small town of Cameron, Missouri my hometown but spent much of my young life living in different towns in Kansas, Illinois and Iowa. I never really liked sitting still so I also attended three different colleges before earning my degree. I eventually left the Midwest for the Wild West and settled in Denver, Colorado. How could a flat lander resist those Rocky Mountains?

My career in Denver spread across many colorful career moves, including staffing nurses in the Colorado Department of Corrections medical facilities, staffing call centers, marketing, fundraising, sales, and bartending. What a resume! But life truly changed when I began working for a regional Chamber of Commerce in the ‘burbs. It was here that I made friends with another coworker who insisted I meet this “super nice guy” – A.K.A., her brother. After blowing her off several times, I agreed. Fast-forward to today and my friend is now my sister-in-law. I’m really glad I didn’t keep blowing her off.

Beale Street

My husband followed his dream that began when he was a little boy of becoming a pilot. And like the planning, driven, “see what he wants and makes it happen” kind of guy that he is (hello, opposite of me), he decided his career goal would be to fly for FedEx Express. After living through a furlough, unemployment, a gig as a charter/air ambulance pilot, and corporate jet flying with him, it never occurred to me that this dream would become a reality. Just one day after our wedding on a “mini-moon” trip to Estes Park, Colorado, he received the call from FedEx!

These newlyweds packed up their belongings and their two little dogs and headed south. Here we are, five years later in the city of Memphis, Tennessee. I never could have imagined that life would take me here, but then again, why wouldn’t it?! The Midsouth has proven to be full of some of the nicest and welcoming people we know and Memphis has a character like nowhere else I have ever been. The people, the food and the heart and soul of this city are unreal.

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We found out I was pregnant a little over a year later. I was surprised, excited, elated, happy, terrified, and all of those emotions you get when you have no idea what has just happened or what will happen to you. But, several months later, we welcomed our sweet baby Josephine into the world and that world was forever changed in the best – and sometimes the craziest – way possible.

I decided after seeing this sweet little face that my leave of three months from the University of Memphis – which also happened to be the best job I ever had – was not going to be long enough. I put in my resignation and decided to become a stay at home mom. With my husband’s insanely unpredictable and travel crazy schedule, I was pretty sure I was not going to be giving my best anyway.New Family of Three

A few months after our little gal came to the world, I found outI was pregnant again. SURPRISE! Just fourteen and a half months after her birth, we welcomed our little Ari to the world. I was officially a stay at home mom of two under two. While it was likely one of the crazier times in my life – and continues to be that way -I wouldn’t trade it for the world. These two have forever changed my life in the most gratifying way possible, even when I want to scream and pull my hair out and send them back to the doctor who delivered them.

Mommy and Ari

My life today is one big schedule rearranging, refereeing, rule making, shower missing, food sharing, wine drinking, chef/short order cooking, beautiful mess that I certainly didn’t put in my “five year plan” post college, but I never really found what made me tick and what I was truly passionate about until I became a mommy. I’ve been writing as a hobby since I was seven years old and am thrilled to be able to blog and share my mom experiences. While my style is not that of Pulitzer material, I hope you can relate to my every day triumphs and failures in motherhood!

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Originally from a small town in Middle America, Mary moved to Denver, CO on a whim after attending the University of Iowa. It turned out to be the best move she has made as it was here she met the man of her dreams, Aaron. Shortly after they got married, Aaron accepted a job offer that brought them to Memphis. The wife of a pilot and mommy to two little ones just fourteen and a half months apart, Josephine (Joey), born November 2012 and Ari (Danger), born January 2014, Mary finds herself exploring (usually un-showered and a little disheveled) all that the city of Memphis has to offer with her wee ones. A resident of Memphis, Mary likes to write, cook, eat, drink wine, read, and look for the end of the Internet in her spare time, which doesn’t really exist.