Meet HulaFrog: MMB’s Newest Partner



HulafrogAt the Memphis Moms Blog, we love to support other moms, especially moms running their own businesses. We also strive to support Memphis moms in the best way possible, making our blog a go-to source for parenting issues, advice, humor, and events to attend in the greater Memphis area. We know what it’s like to feel isolated, either as a new mom or new to this area. This is why we’ve decided to partner with mom-based entrepreneur, Heather Wooden. Heather manages and runs the HulaFrog Website . 

Who is Heather?

Heather Wooden is a native of Virginia, transplanted to Memphis almost 8 years ago. Heather has a heart for education and serving others. After years of working with children with special needs, she became a work-from-home mom to one little boy. In addition to HulaFrog, she teaches English to students in China, assists families with physical and financial help through, serves in her church, and is a volunteer baby-wearing educator. Heather and her husband of 11 years grew their family through adoption 2.5 years ago using the locally based, non-profit agency, Life Choices of Memphis. They are eagerly waiting to add number 2 to their family

What is HulaFrog?
Hulafrog is a national network of local community guides for parents. The site promises a daily dose of the best local activities, destinations, deals, and other resources for families. Hulafrog answers many of the questions parents often ask each other, such as:
What’s the best place for my daughter’s 6th birthday party?
Which preschool has the best reviews?
What can my family do this weekend?”
Additionally,  Heather will deliver great contests and giveaways at the National and local level.
Hulafrog was launched in 2010 by entrepreneur moms out of the New York City area, who desperately needed a better way to keep track of all there was for kids to do in their community. Each site is run by a mom as a part-time business from home. Locally, Heather is the acting publisher for the East Memphis and DeSoto County area.
Hula FrogHow does HulaFrog impact the Memphis Moms Blog site?
The key to delivering a valuable resource to the community is being “current and comprehensive,” which is exactly why Memphis Moms Blog has chosen to partner with Heather and her website. We want the Memphis Moms Blog to reflect the best of what our city has to offer, and we realize what a resource we already have in HulaFrog.
When you find yourself on the Memphis Moms Blog website, looking at the menu options, you’ll see the title of Events. Because of our fabulous partnership, when you now select the subtitle Local Events Calendar, you’ll be automatically transferred to the HulaFrog Site!  
But don’t worry! Subtitle MMB Events under the same menu option will direct you to a calendar of blog sponsored activities, such as our Mom’s Wine and Dine night happening on December 9th and our Single Moms Spa and Shop event being held on December 17th.
Why MMB loves HulaFrog & HulaFrog loves us!
The owners of Memphis Moms Blog realize the benefit of supporting and partnering with other locally owned businesses. In this day in age of social media and digital calendar alerts, we are very aware of how exactly the internet affects our daily lives. We want the best for our readers, but we also understand we’re also still a relatively new resource for local moms (MMB just turned 2 this month!). We want even more moms to know about what the Memphis Moms Blog is actively doing in our city. We want the word to get out about just how amazing our writers are and what a platform our blog is! This is where HulaFrog loves on MMB! Subscribers to HulaFrog will get an “Our Pick” email alert with a heads up on key events.  Each month Memphis Moms Blog will be highlighted! We hope the HulaFrog traffic will drive new readers to our site in addition to letting the greater Memphis area know about our must-attend events! We hope you’ll subscribe to both websites if you haven’t done so already.