Mother’s Day :: Again?!


Listen, I get it. This is a blog for moms, and here we are talking about Mother’s Day again. Anyone else tired of hearing about all the awesome Mother’s Day ideas/events/brunch spots and figuring out how to tell your partner/spouse/family while still keeping everything a surprise? Hopefully this post will help you figure out what you want to do, and then share it with someone so that they can take care of it for you!

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Things for you to do, if you want to celebrate with your family:

  1. The Memphis Botanic Garden is hosting a Mother’s Day picnic on May 9th from 10am-2pm. You can bring your own food or enjoy brunch from Fuel or Fratelli’s. (order by May 4th to enjoy a meal you didn’t have to cook!)
  2. Check out a cool breakfast/brunch place and say “yes” to what sounds good! There are plenty of awesome places to eat brunch at, so check to see if they’re having any Mother’s Day specials. While I’ve not personally been yet, I heard about CIMAS Restaurant in the newly opened Hyatt hotel off of Beale Street. I can’t wait to try it out myself!

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Things you want to do, if you want to celebrate by yourself:

  1. Is it just me or have we overly monetized the idea of self care that it is not very caring any more? Did you know there are different types of self care, not just the ones that require you to spend money? This Mother’s Day, turn the phone off, try a new hobby, take a walk at the Shelby Farm’s lake, or find a local coffee shop and crack open that book that has been collecting dust on your bedside table.
  2. Do you enjoy cocktails but don’t have the special ingredients at your house to make them? Enter Cocktail Courier. Find a cocktail that sounds good to you (you can even sort by libation), and then it gets mailed to you – bitters, purees, dried fruit garnishes and all! They even have mocktails, like this Garden Lemonade just in time for this springy Mother’s Day!

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Things you can do if you want to celebrate by giving back:

  1. Did you know that Memphis has one of only 2 diaper banks serving families here in Tennessee? Sweet Cheeks Diaper Ministry’s mission (they were recently featured on the Kelly Clarkson Show) is to “end diaper need by providing diapers, wipes, and other necessities for their babies and improving their quality of life.” They also have a formula bank and an initiative to ensure that all individuals have access to essential period products. You can donate financially, purchase items off their Amazon Wishlist or add them to your AmazonSmile account.
  2. Do you know a single mother? Consider offering childcare so that she can go for a day of pampering. Gift her an Uber Eats/GrubHub giftcard so she can get a meal she doesn’t have to cook. Invite her and her kids over for a playdate so that she doesn’t have to parent on her own for an afternoon.

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Things you can do, if it’s hard to celebrate or enjoy this day:

  1. Mother’s Day can be a day of deep pain, sorrow and longing – asking for someone to physically be by your side on days like this can help show you that you are seen, valued and loved, no matter what. If it’s going to be hard to be by yourself on this day, reach out to someone and ask for what you need, even if your answer is “I don’t know what I need but I know I don’t want to be alone today.”
  2. This may sound crazy, but hear me out – ever consider expressing your emotions of this day by smashing things in a controlled setting? Craze is an experience where you can “rage” and destroy items, while blasting your favorite music! They even clean up when you’re done!

Please note that these suggestions are not the only ways we can deal with our emotions. If you are in need of additional support, reach out for help.

No matter how you’re celebrating Mother’s Day this year, know that you are worthy of being celebrated and you deserve every moment of joy + light on Sunday, May 9th!

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