Pediatric Dentistry 101 with Dr. B

This post and series is sponsored by Dr. Michael Blen, however, our love for Dr. B is genuine. You can see how much Dr. B is adored by hundreds of moms here.

I am very excited to be part of the team as a contributing health care provider (Pediatric Dentistry) for Memphis Mom’s Blog . I am very impressed by the blog’s mission of being the one-stop resource for Memphis Moms. Even though I am a dad and not a mom, I have full appreciation of how hard it is to be a mother just by talking with many moms throughout my days for over 15 years in my private pediatric dental practice and, of course, appreciating my wife’s hard work in raising our own children. I also really appreciate moms that are always looking to further their education in raising their children. I am happy to be that resource to help with oral health education. General guidelines and recommendations are important tools. However, it is important to remember that all children are individuals and should be treated as such. I can help you with some of these general guidelines but please know that you should establish a pediatric dental home for your child to answer your individual child’s needs.

As a pediatric dentist, I am very interested in finding out how I can help educate moms about their children’s oral health: What age should you take your child to the dentist? What can you expect when you visit the dentist for the first time? What is the difference between a pediatric
dentist and a family dentist? What about all these fears you have either from personal dental experiences or youtube/news? What type of pediatric dental office would be right for you (Large practices vs. Small practices)? What is the difference between dental and medical insurance? There are so many questions I come across everyday in my office that I think mothers might learn something from.

Let’s start with a few FAQs…

Q: When should I take my child to the dentist for his/her first dental check-up?

A: The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association agree that children should establish a dental home by age one (1). This is easily remembered by “First Visit by First Birthday.” This Infant Oral Health appointment allows your Pediatric Dentist to provide a caries risk assessment and evaluate each individual child’s developing dentition. It also provides an environment to discuss important information with parents concerning anticipatory guidance, oral hygiene and diet instructions, trauma prevention and fluoride use.

Q: What is a Pediatric Dentist?

A: A Pediatric Dentist would be considered the Pediatrician of the dental world. He/she has completed a two or three year residency program after receiving their general dentist degree in order to limit their dental practice to treating infants to adolescents to teenagers and those with special needs of all ages. These programs teach through both clinical and scientific studies of growth and development, child psychology, behavior management (including caring for children with conscious sedation and under general anesthesia), trauma management and much more.

Q: How many primary baby teeth will my child develop?

A: Children normally develop twenty (20) primary teeth. These teeth emerge starting around 6 months old until around and even past 2 years of age. The age of eruption varies per individual, even within the same family.

This blog series may turn into a FAQ answer session, a Q&A session based upon posed suggestions or maybe something that I want to share with you.

Please submit any topics or questions you would like answered in future blog posts here.

There are a number of excellent pediatric dentists in this Memphis, Germantown, Olive Branch, Southaven, Bartlett, Arlington area. Please do your research and make your appointment soon for the office you think is right for you!

Who is Dr. B?

As a caring pediatric dentist in Memphis, TN, Dr. B and his staff thrive on establishing trusting relationships with the child patients and their parents. He feels that this relationship and a positive dental environment are important in order to put children at ease as he addresses their oral health. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. He has been a practicing pediatric dentist since 1998 and opened his east Memphis location in 2005.


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