Sorry, I’m Not Sorry for these Mama Moments


Confession: I typically cannot stand the “sorry, not sorry” hashtags and status updates I see on social media with this pithy little status disclaimer. Honestly, it drives me nuts. Maybe I’m alone, but I think they tend to imply an arrogant attitude which I don’t feel social networks need anymore of. A lot of times it’s all in good fun, but sometimes it’s not… and that’s when I get a little irritated.

But … 

I have been secretly hoarding some #SorryNotSorry situations of my own. I know this is a safe place to share with my fellow mamas, without judgement, because I think I may not be the only mama who secretly thinks about some of these.

So, with that being said, here are just a few of my #SorryNotSorry mama moments.

Sorry I’m not sorry I am obsessed with my minivan. And I’m sorry I’m not sorry I will always try to peer pressure other moms into getting one, as well. Because AUTOMATIC DOORS are God’s gift to young mothers everywhere. I can’t help it I want other moms to accept the gift, as well.

Sorry I’m not sorry I allow my children to play on the iPad and iPhone. It gives both myself and others some peace and quiet. Because I’d rather see judgmental glares encompassed with glorious silence than see judgmental glares soundtracked by unnecessary whining and crying.


Sorry I’m not sorry I prefer to shop with my kids at Target versus Walmart. Sure, Walmart has better deals (and I’m broke!), but Target has Starbucks cake pops and coffee to sustain both myself and my kids through a shopping trip. And I am all about spending extra money for access to the bribery resources Target holds.

Sorry I’m not sorry I don’t have a social life. I’d much rather have an early date with my pillow than hang out until all hours of the night right before my kids decide it’s time for breakfast. The saying that we can “sleep when we’re dead” is a cruel joke to mothers of Littles, and I will quickly choose bedtime over most fun, adult activities.

Sorry I’m not sorry my daughter has zero clothes on when you come visit us. We are normally able to keep her fully clothed in public, however at home I have bigger battles to fight than if she’s wearing a shirt or not.

Sorry I’m not sorry I sometimes leash my child. Because I would rather have her look like an “animal” in others’ eyes than have her be road kill or on a missing child sign somewhere.

Do you have any to add to this list? Comment below with any additional #SorryNotSorry moments. Don’t worry, this is a safe place to share.




  1. I love my kids, but I also love Pekingese who I adopted long before they were born. I’m not sorry that sometimes I tell my kids they need to wait because I need to feed him or give him his supplements. As long as he’s here, he’s my baby, too.

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