Be a {Super} Mom During the Pandemic


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The description of a superhero is considered to be “anyone who has abilities above an ordinary person and uses their powers to make the world a better place.” Sounds like a mom to me. But even the most resilient, super moms were tested when a global pandemic hit.

In some households, moms lost their jobs. Maybe dad got furloughed or, in some cases, both parents’ incomes were compromised. School buildings closed, and education went virtual. Parents and children had to work and go to school from home. If that wasn’t enough, news reports highlighted the impact of the virus and other issues like cultural upheaval, economic and moral decline, and even death. What’s a {super} mom to do?

One suggestion is to develop a group of comrades to go through this proverbial storm with. Know that you are not alone. Many families in America and around the world are dealing with their entire household spending every day in the same space. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to reach out to friends and family about your feelings. Having someone to talk with outside of the home is a great way to deal with these issues.

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Next, learn to appreciate your blessings. Look at your situation with a new perspective. The time we are in has allowed us to slow our lives down. Spending more time with your family can be a welcome thing when you realize your children will be older before you know it. Use this experience to teach them how to appreciate friends, family, and other people in the world, and how to make the world a safer and better place.

Finally, things feel better when we take our minds off of ourselves. Think about a service project your entire family could participate in.  Maybe you could make or purchase masks for people who are homeless. Once a week, you could order food to pick up from a different local restaurant. Maybe you could take groceries to an elderly neighbor. Supporting others helps us as much as it helps them.

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Super moms will do what they have always done—become care-takers and change-makers who adapt, help their loved ones, and make the world a better place.

Cecilia Bell has worked for over 25 years in public and private school education. This is her second year at Harding Academy as a Junior Kindergarten Teacher.

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