Surviving Social Isolation :: Tips from an Introvert Mom


I never imagined a day when being an introvert would be so popular. Hah! Okay, maybe not popular, but the times of social distancing and quarantining yourselves are here. So, now everyone is wondering what introverts do for fun, right?! As an introvert Mom who has also spent plenty of time socially distancing myself and my family due to medical concerns (thanks fetal surgery bedrest and NICU), I’ve got some tips/ideas for you.

I mean, everywhere we turn there are lists of things for our kids to do, but what about us Moms?

  1. Find a new book or book series to begin! Here’s a great list to start! I’m currently reading our March Read Between The Wines Book Club read– The Woman in the Window. If you’re not into picking up a book, listen to a book on Audible! 
  2. Have something new you’ve been wanting to try or learn to do? Now is the time! Crotchet? Knitting? Painting, anyone? And bonus, most start up items can be found on Amazon or easily shipped to you! 
  3. Watch a new Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu series (I recommend The Great British Bake off, Hunters on Amazon, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Veronica Mars, The Office, and Parks and Rec)
  4.  Bake! Who doesn’t love to bake? 
  5.  Take a nice hot shower or a long, luxurious bath. Even better when you add a bath bomb or shower fizzy! Buff City Soap ships! ::praise hands::
  6.  Listen to your favorite music. When’s the last time you spent time listening to your favorite band? Ah, Dave Matthews Band! 
  7.  Facetime a friend you haven’t talked to/seen in a while (yes, we introverts still like to socialize sometimes). 
  8.  If it ever stops raining, you can start your spring garden. Did you know Amazon has seeds? 
  9.  Play games with your family! The adults in our house love Sequence while the kiddos love Candyland and Chutes and Ladders. 
  10. Try a YouTube workout. There are so many yoga studios and other workout places offering virtual classes now. There are several yoga studios live streaming their workouts on Instagram!
  11. Take a leisurely family walk. Make it a nature walk in Shelby Farms or walk across the bridge downtown. 
  12.  Try out a new recipe for dinner (and drink a nice glass of wine while cooking). 
  13. Pinterest
  14. Organize your house. I mean, you do have a plenty of time! 
  15.  Listen to a new podcast. There are podcasts out there for whatever you might be interested in! Seriously! Even my Harry Potter fanfiction ::winks::
  16.  Take a drive through a beautiful historic neighborhood or around downtown Memphis. 
  17.  Take a nap! 🙂

I know it’s a very stressful and anxious time, but we as Moms are strong and if anyone can get through this, it’s us (even if you’re not naturally an introvert)! Cheers! 

introvert socially distancing at home
Mom socially distancing at home
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Erin grew up just outside of Nashville, but has been in the Memphis area for 12 years now. She’s a former middle school language arts teacher turned C.O.O. of the Lewis home (according to her husband). She’s Mama to Liv (2013), who loves to sing and play soccer and Will (2017) who loves dinosaurs, and wife to Chris, her college sweetheart. Between volunteering herself to be part of any and everything you can think of (face palm), driving Liv to zillions of therapies, and keeping Will from destroying everything, life is busy. Erin loves the beach, a good IPA, Target vacas by herself, and anything Harry Potter related (she ships Dramione!). She hates high heels, rude people that stare at cute kids in wheelchairs, and bad tippers.


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