The Holiday Kissing Ball


kissing ballHoliday kissing balls might be thought of as one of today’s latest crafty seasonal decorating fads, but the fact is, these adorable little things have been around for centuries! 

During the Middle Ages (we’re talking 5th-15th century for your non-history buffs) people would intertwine evergreen branches into the shape of a ball. After they got the ball good and sturdy, they’d carefully place a clay figure of baby Jesus in the center. The ball would then be referred to as “holy boughs.” They would hang this little DIY piece in castle entryways and doorways of larger homes. Anyone lucky enough to pass under the holy boughs would wield blessings and good fortune.  Pretty sweet, right?

The Puritans didn’t think so.  Fast forward to the 17th century when the Puritans were pretty much dominating the world. They would have nothing to do with the adorable kissing balls or any other holiday decorations for that matter. They made everyone to do away with all of it. I think I can speak for the majority of us when I say: thank goodness the Puritans are no longer in charge because my living room, for one, would not be nearly as cozy to sit in right now.

Thankfully, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert came along, Gaines style, and they fixed things up.  These two loved to have their home decorated for the holidays and even popularized many of the traditions we practice today like decorating trees, hanging stockings, and the kissing ball!  Of course they flipped it a little bit and did some revamping. Instead of baby Jesus wrapped in a ball of evergreen, it became an elaborately decorated apple or potato covered with herbs and foliage. The herbs on decorative ball were not only chosen for their beauty, but also for their symbolic meaning. Lavender and rosemary signified loyalty and devotion, while thyme promoted courage. Mistletoe was a popular decorative choice symbolizing good fortune and fertility.

Eventually, this festive bundle of goodness evolved to become more of an invitation for romance than anything else. Dancers waltzed under what quickly became known as the kissing ball, with added mistletoe, hoping for a peck, and single women would stand waiting for potential suitors. Over time, sprigs of mistletoe took the place all other greenery and became the traditional symbol of holiday affection that we know today.

mistletoe, kissing ballBut did you know that mistletoe is actually poisonous?!  This was news to me. Turns out that’s one of the reason why kissing balls have become more popular over the past few years.  Real mistletoe has become harder to come by and the kissing ball is great alternative.  Plus they’re so pretty and festive!! Which is why we are super excited to be making our very own kissing ball THIS SATURDAY at our upcoming Mom’s Wine and Dine night at the Little Studio on The Square in Arlington’s Historic Depot Square! 

If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, do so quickly! Not only will you get to make your own kissing ball, but you’ll also get to

Eat some delicious food catered by Pink Flamingo

Drink some wine!

Have  chance to win several giveaways

Free Lipsense samples and demo

Free Monat hair samples

Walk out with a swag bag filled with goodies!

Mostly though, it’s a break from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and a chance to take a breath and have some fun with the girls! We can’t wait to see you there!

Tickets are $15/person Get yours here!

A portion of the proceeds for this event will go towards our Single Mom’s Night at the end of the month. Thanks for helping, we think single moms rock!