To the Brother Who Only Has Sisters


To my only little boy,

From the moment you first found out you would be a big brother you always wanted to have a brother.  Someone who would love to run and play, rough-house, get dirty, watch all the “boy shows,” hand down your old superheroes to and be best friends.  A brother is what you wanted so badly, but God gave you not one, but two sisters.  Two!  How did this happen?!  Didn’t he hear your prayers for a BROTHER?

You know what though, sweet boy, God made the right choice.  He sent you sisters who were made just for your needs, and for theirs.  The first sister he sent you is the built-in best friend you always wanted.  She might be able to out-run you any day now.  You have won her over that superheroes are for boys and girls, and the boy heroes are her favorite! Sure, that Elsa dress is fun to wear, but preferring a cape and running around saying “Superman!”  That’s all your doing big brother.  Good job.  You help me teach her she is strong and can be anything she wants to be.  Including a “girly-girl.”  You tell her how pretty she is each day and help me hold her hand still when she wants her nails painted. She thinks every single thing you do is the best thing in the world, and that no one can do it better than you.  You will always have a cheerleader ready and waiting in your corner.

This other sister of yours?  She is quickly becoming the get-down-and-dirty, rough-housing cohort to all of your crazy schemes.  You two know you make an unstoppable pair.  You come up with the wild ideas, she has zero fear to help you follow-through and you both know if she flashes those bright eyes and dimples at Daddy the punishment won’t be quite as tough.  Well played big bro and lil’ sis, well played.  You have taught her confidence and helped build that zero fear zone of hers, and again, I say good job.  I don’t know how I would be the mom of two girls without you helping me teach the important things.

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As for you, dear brother, they have taught you a softer side.  You are deeply empathetic with a heart as big as they come.  Being an encourager is what you do best!  It is no coincidence both of your sisters took their first steps to you!  You know how to be gentle and patient, when needed, and you know how to give a girl a compliment that is thoughtful and sincere.  This last one may come in handy more in years to come, but for now it keeps you in good graces with your teachers when you can’t seem to keep that mouth closed at school.  (Okay, it works on me too.)

You see, sweet boy, you may not have thought you wanted sisters, but they bring you everything you ever wanted.  Even better, with two sisters, there is no competition.  You will always be my one and only little boy.

Love always,

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Courtney is a small-town Texas gal who moved to Memphis in 2007 to work at the University of Memphis…oh and for this guy who would become her husband almost one year to the day later. Fast forward 9 years down the line and she loves the Memphis life, specifically East Memphis and Midtown, and has three amazing children who were all December babies! Doug (2009) is the loving watchman for his two younger sisters, Adlee (2013) the free spirit and Nora (2014) the easy going baby. When she isn’t working, pretending she’s a cool Pinterest mom, going to school parties, cleaning house or momming in general, Courtney loves to read fiction and self-help books, follow college football (Go Tigers, go! And Gig’ em Aggies!), rearrange furniture (to the level of it being a talent and hobby), DIY house projects for their 1938 home, laugh with her girlfriends and spend time with that sweet guy who brought her to Memphis all those years ago for this crazy, amazing life.