Trade in Your Cape for Underwear


Hey, Super Mom, how’s it going underneath your clothes?

You heard me, I’m talking about your undies. We all (let’s hope) wear panties and bras, but there is more to underwear than those two staples. If you have never tried shapewear, you should seriously consider adding that secret weapon to your arsenal of undergarments.

I am all about loving yourself and your body and not being ashamed of any features deemed as “flaws” by society, however, we can’t all afford tailored clothing customized to our own unique shapes. Sometimes you just have to work with what the generically sized clothing lines have to offer. And if there are little solutions out there to make me more comfortable with an outfit, I am going to use them. Shapewear might not be the most talked about accessory since it is stealthily hidden underneath your clothes, but it is certainly growing in popularity.

Who are they meant for? What style is right for your body type? When should you wear them? Have no fear, the answers are here. As you learn more about the “hosiery of the future” you will see why more Super Moms are trading in their capes for this super kind of underwear.

Who is Shapewear meant for?

Anyone! Some cuts and pieces are intended to slightly shift your shape a certain way. Others are meant to act as a fitted slip and not show any kind of lines through your clothing. Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes can benefit from the variety of shapewear options. There are also several different brands, sold in high-end department stores to big box retailers to discount stores.

What style is right for your body type?

When choosing the right shapewear, it is important to know what you are trying to achieve with it. Are you trying to control the muffin top effect from squeezing jeans? Are you well endowed and wish to tone the ladies down a notch for a particular low cut shirt? Are you not well endowed and want a little lifting action to properly fill a top? Are you needing something that provides a seamless look to wear with a pencil skirt or bodycon dress? Knowing what you want will help steer you to the right piece(s) for you.  

Another important aspect to choosing the right shapewear is sizing. Pay close attention to the sizing charts (if offered). If you are in a store, Google the exact piece you are interested in and see if you can find a specific sizing chart for it online. If you get a piece that is too small, it won’t serve the purpose you intended, and it will be extremely uncomfortable. If you have never worn shapewear before, you will have to get used to how the newness feels, but if it is absolutely uncomfortable you have probably chosen the wrong size.

If you are trying to decide the right piece and size for you, I would suggest starting with a few of the more economically priced brands (Walmart or stores like Ross Dress for Less) to find what works best before risking the higher priced brands.

The charts below display a few of the different cuts available for tops and bottoms. Some women might only like one particular option, while others may have a whole lineup to use for different purposes. The beauty of it all is that it is up to you!



Tops: 1. Bali Lace Cami, 2. Spanx Open Bust Cami, 3. Flexees Seamless Cami, 4. Maidenform Light Control Tank, 5. Spanx Slip

Bottoms: 1. Flexees Shaping Leggings, 2.Flexees Ultra Firm Brief, 3. Naomi & Nicole High-Waist Brief, 4. Spanx High-Waist Thigh Control

When should you wear shapewear?

Whether you prefer light control or firm control, the frequency of wear is up to you. You can save them for special occasions or only particular outfits. You can wear them every day if you wish. You can even layer them up as needed.


When it comes down to it, shapewear is your weapon to wield. Use it wisely, and use it well.

“If we can put a man on the moon, we can make pantyhose comfortable.” Sara Blakely, creator of Spanx