Why Are You Not Voting?


Why are you not voting? Seriously! Why not?

Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you do realize that’s magnified around voting season? Whether Presidential or local, people come out of the woods to talk about this or that candidate that is running. I try to avoid social media at all cost during voting season because the trolls are out in force at this time.

What bothers me and really makes me sad is when someone complains about the outcome of the election but also admits they didn’t vote. What? What sense does that make? My personal opinion, and this may not be popular is: if you don’t vote, you don’t have a right to complain. Not about one person holding an office. Not the President. Not the Governor.  Not one complaint.

Seriously, what did you do to help the situation? What does your opinion matter now if you didn’t vote?

As a woman I do find it especially important to vote. Women didn’t receive that right fully until 1920. And as an African American, we should really get out there as well. Although the 15th amendment stated all males should be able to vote regardless of race, we didn’t actually receive that right until 1965. 1965! That’s only 55 years ago!

The first time my daughter went to the polls with me she was so fascinated and had lots of questions. I was excited that she was eager to learn the process and history of voting.  I wish all kids, regardless of race or political upbringing, would be taught the importance of voting.

vote sticker

Some schools do mock voting, and we have also done this at home using cardboard ballots and a shoe box as a ballot box.  If they start at home and accompany you to the polls once you feel they’re old enough, it will be no question about them exercising their right.  After all, that is what America is built on — freedom!

kids voting

Voting is a freedom of speech. It’s not only a right, it’s a privilege.  Get to the polls!

For local/state offices, know your districts before you go so you can have a better understanding of each candidate and possible bill to be passed. So make sure you do your homework before you vote. Look up the candidates’ platforms. Research local issues.

But regardless of your party choice, get to the polls, and stop using the excuse of your vote doesn’t count. There are too many Americans using that logic, but then are upset over the outcome.  If all the naysayers get out and go vote, a change will be seen!

Early voting in Tennessee starts today, October 14, and runs through Thursday, October 29. Election day is Tuesday, November 3. Check out the GoVoteTN app for early voting locations, your ballot, and what precinct you vote in. For the polls, you do not need your voter registration card; however, you will need a government issued ID with your picture on it.

So, there you go! Thanks for coming to my TED Talk. Get out, exercise your right, and go vote! This is your American duty and privilege!

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