Why I Choose A Word Of The Year


In 2014, along with creating a vision board, I started choosing a word of the year. This word would help guide me through the year. I have learned to be very intentional about the word that I choose, because I am a firm believer that words have power. The power that this word gives me requires action on my part, and I think that is where most people fail. Myself included. We think that by putting this word into the universe that we are done. But we have to realize that it’s more than that: it’s the action and the intentionally that helps us to make the words have real meaning in our life.

The first word in 2014 was Peace. At this time my life was a little chaotic, especially with my children and my relationships. I felt like I was drowning and was in desperate need of calmness. Before the year was over, things started to settle. How you might ask? I found little pieces of peace wherever and whenever I could. And I was intentional about staying away from all forms of negativity.

I knew that 2015 would have to bring about a change. I needed to let go of some things, attitudes, and, unfortunately, people to maintain my newfound peace. That year the word was Brave. I found the courage to end a relationship and start living my life on my terms. I didn’t want to lose the peace that I worked so hard for, but I knew that it would take a lot courage to cut those ties. I knew that I would need to be the bravest person that I could be. It was not easy but I did it. I let go in order to move forward. This would also be the year that I hit publish on my first blog post. I was about to start the journey of sharing my life with world. I would say that this was pretty brave.

Manifest was next. There were some things that I was wanted to change in my life and my focus was more financial, or so I thought. I was looking for financial manifestation, but what I received was creative manifestation. My creative life certainly changed for the better. I was able to write, read, engage, and do more things to help grow my blog. I also joined Memphis Moms Blog. My creative manifestation was just beginning.

2017 was the year of Opportunities. I was looking for new opportunities in my career, for my children, and in my finances. This is where intentionality really came into play. I wanted the opportunities, and yes they did happen, but for the most part I did not take advantage of them the way that I should have. I did not put forth the needed action behind the opportunities. Lesson learned.

This year’s word is Flourish. It’s the next step in taking advantage of the opportunities from 2017. This is the year that I flourish as a woman, a mother, and a blogger. These are the three areas in my life where I will take intentional action.

As you can see, each year I use the knowledge and experience gained from the previous years to take my life to the next level. I can’t flourish by wasting all of the progress that I have made.


What word would you choose to help guide your 2018?


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This mother of two teenage boys, Robert born August 1999 and Matthew May 2001, is loving life. Being a divorced mom is not easy but together with her family, Belinda makes it work. Born in the Windy City of Chicago, she moved to Memphis at a young age. Belinda is happy to raise her sons in the Hickory Hill area. She loves the big city life with the small town feel. When she's not playing chauffeur for her sons, you will find Belinda at a thrift store or watching her beloved Pittsburgh Steelers during football season. By day she is the Director of Community Outreach for a local non-profit that helps empower women to plan their futures. Belinda's purpose in life is helping others be successful, not just in her own community but the world’s community.