Race for Reconciliation :: Our October Nonprofit of the Month {2021}


With a mission to be one of the most positive and unifying voices on racial reconciliation in the country, Race for Reconciliation (R4R) is an inaugural initiative created to bring healing, honor, and hope to a city known for division. R4R will start with a 5k and 1 mile family- friendly walk or run downtown on MLK Day 2022 at noon.

Make no mistake, the event that will take place at Autozone Park is much more than an event. With so many people who have a heart for change, but thinking to themselves, “What can I really DO?” R4R provides that first step. The opportunity to gather at least 5,000 Memphians with a heart for racial reconciliation and visually see that many people gathered with a sincere desire to make Memphis better will provide a catalyst that fulfills our second mission: to educate and elevate.

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Fueled through an education 501c3, the money raised from Race for Reconciliation will go to Memphis nonprofits that are currently in the trenches doing work in three key areas: literacy tutoring, vocational training, and leadership development. The event is an easy, low level commitment that can allow Memphians to also take a next step forward by either serving with one of our city partners and/or participating in follow up events that allow the deeper work of reconciliation to be done.

We hope that this message of unity and healing will spread throughout our nation as a result of what is started in Memphis. We want Memphis to become the epicenter of healing in this country. Our goal is to literally begin the movement that makes Memphis the most unified city in America. Memphis is both big enough and small enough that we can cause the proverbial “needle” to move.

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Check out the IMAGINE VIDEO to get a glimpse of who we are as well our website and podcast to learn more.

If you have a heart to see Memphis truly become a city of healing, honor, and hope please follow us and share on your social media and then register and join us downtown at noon and allow your children to see a better tomorrow in the 901.