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I don’t know where I’d be without you.

I’m a new mom. I have no idea what I’m doing here, so I read a lot of baby sleep blogs as I rock my girl at 4 a.m. I also text and Instagram message with my young/new/veteran mom friends — again, often in the middle of the night when we are the only group of people (aside from morning news anchors and bakery workers) who are awake.

When I learn about something that worked for someone… to encourage baby sleep, breast milk production, personal self-care, day-to-day household lifehacks… I turn immediately, almost instinctually to you.

Pump parts? Click. Sleep sack? Click. Nipple shells? Click. Face wash? Click. Coffee? Don’t even have to click ’cause I already got that ish on my Subscribe & Save list.

Your 2-day Prime shipping guarantee has saved my sanity. Your one-click iPhone app “Buy Now” button has repeatedly renewed my hope for better days (and more sleep-filled nights). Your “Your orders” tab with the promise that my package will await me when I open my front door has, well, made me want to actually think about opening the door to go outside somedays.

This is all to say, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, I am forever grateful to you for helping to get me through the most challenging days (oh, let’s be real: it’s mostly the long, dark nights) of my life. How did moms do it, before the internet and two day delivery and the instant connection with other moms in our exact situation? I’m not sure, and I know I wouldn’t want to find out. I’m just thankful that I get to live in this age. And am more in awe than ever of MY mom! 

Forever Yours,
Sarah (and all the stressed out, sleep-deprived, worked-to-the-bone moms of the world)

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Sarah Townsend Leach is a fundraising, communications, and leadership professional living in Collierville and working with clients around the country. Sarah grew up in Nashville and has lived in quite a few places, but thanks to visiting grandparents in East Memphis throughout her childhood and attending Rhodes College in Midtown, this has always been a second (and now a primary!) home. Sarah and her husband John met through both of their work in the Episcopal Church in 2015, and she is a mom to Poppy (June 2018) and Ann Townsend (October 2019). Follow her journey through new motherhood: focusing on learning how to be a parent and finding her new work-life balance out in the burbs. Sarah loves exploring, being outside, yoga, and crafting (all of which she has no time for now that she is a toddler mom).