Pack Your Bags, Mama! :: MMB’s Hospital Bag Packing List


At some point when you’re pregnant, you realize that this baby is actually going to vacate the premises and you start packing your bag. Depending on who you are, you’re either packing your bags at 25 weeks “just in case,” and probably have an emergency action plan in place, maybe even a spare set of bags in the car, or you’re 39 weeks pregnant and in denial about the impending doom/most wonderful event ever that is about to take place.

Either way, you’re going to need to know what to pack. When I was pregnant, I pinned about twelve different guides listing out everything you’ll ever need for delivery. Reading through them overwhelmed me, so naturally I turned to Facebook and crowd-sourced, asking for advice from my friends. What came out of that was a really practical list of the things I actually needed versus what Pinterest thought I needed.

Before I start, I want to be clear that this is a “basics” guide. If you’re the type that has bought a specific pillowcase for the delivery room, monogrammed your delivery gown that you bought from Etsy, and already planned out all the props for your newborn photoshoot on the hospital bed, you’ll definitely add to this list, but for me, this was all I needed.


MMB Hospital Packing List

{For a printable PDF version of our list, click here!}

When it came to packing, one of the best pieces of advice I got was to pack a bag for the delivery room and then a bag for the recovery room. Check to see with your hospital, but at mine you moved to the recovery floor after delivery. When we checked in, I just brought the bag with what I needed for delivery and then after we moved, my husband went to the car and got everything else and took it to that room so we didn’t have to move it twice. Realistically, as soon as you check in they will put you in a gown so you don’t actually need much for the delivery room.

For clothes after delivery, I wanted comfort over style. I had button up two-piece PJs (great for nursing access) that were super soft. I brought a robe so that when visitors came, if I wasn’t feeling the PJs, I was still covered up. Once I showered and was wearing actual clothes, I had black yoga pants and a soft top with a nursing tank. I tell everyone to pack soft stretchy pants for after delivery–you never know what is going to go down in the delivery room (or operating room for me, as I ended up with a c-section). For c-section mamas, having clothes that don’t cut at the incision area is huge!

Last but not least, one suggestion I got was to bring an extra bag for all the sweet gifts and goodies we received. Our visitors brought snacks, gifts for baby, etc., and it was very helpful for carting down to the car. It also worked well for all the diapers and postpartum supplies they sent home with us. Which brings up another great point: remember, anything except textiles on the supplies cart can be taken home with you because your insurance has paid for it. You better believe I asked my nurse for extra!

What else is a “must-have” for the basics of a hospital bag? Did your husband pack a bag? I had to convince mine to pack because he was convinced he would not need one.

Happy packing,and good luck, Mama. You’ve got this!