Whoa, We’re Halfway There… Musings of a 20-Week, First-Time, Expectant Mom


new momAs my husband and I sat in the OBGYN waiting room at 20 weeks into our pregnancy, I flipped through one of the pregnant mom magazines that is always sitting there waiting to educate me, inspire me, and… scare me. Two or so pages in was a full-page ad for the BabyNes, a k-cup-style formula brewing machine. I laughed out loud. (I’m sorry if you have one and my disdain offends you. I’m truly sorry.) 

Is this really necessary??? For me? For us? For the world?? I thought. And then I snapped a picture to post to my Instagram account asap. 

I have to tell you straight off that I really dislike k-cup brewed coffee. We had it in one of the offices where I worked. My sister and brother-in-law had one for years. My husband had one when I first started dating him. The coffee never tastes as good as the brewed stuff (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a crazy French Press purist or anything), and the pods are such an unnecessary waste (I’m not a crazy save-the-earth-at-the-expense-of-modern-conveniences type either). So, my bias is already firmly anti-pod.


But, really, a baby formula pod machine? Do I need this? It seems so trendy, so specific, and so unnecessary.

We (read: I) am currently in the process of creating a baby registry… or two… or three. (Can’t resist those discounts and rewards they all offer!) The whole registry process has me a bit overwhelmed. One of my flaws, of which I am keenly aware, is that when I don’t know exactly how to move forward with a project, I stall. So, I swam in the overwhelming sea of things I may or may not need for this little girl for many weeks before I finally drew a lovely hot bath one night (but not too hot you know… can’t be cooking your baby in there!), stepped in with my iPhone in hand, and bit the bullet.

I started with my most favorite place, Target, and I started easy: washcloths, of course we will need washcloths!, and aden + anais bibs, of course I want those because they are bea-U-tiful! and soft, and all of the Honest Co. lavender washes and lotions, of course I want her to smell like my favorite essential oil and have products free of fake stuff!, et cetera, et cetera. I have yet to add a baby carrier or a stroller or a swing because I need to research myself to death before I can commit to the perfect one (again with the personality flaws: a deep desire to know all the things before committing). But I started that night, and it felt like a step in the right direction!

So, we find ourselves back in the waiting room of the doctor’s office looking at the ad for this absurd formula machine. I laugh because it seems ridiculous. I laugh because I hate k-cup coffee.

But more importantly, probably sub-consciously, I laugh because I am anxious that maybe I do need one or I will regret not having one in six months when baby girl is screaming hungry in the middle of the night and I’m not producing milk or something.

This is mostly fun. This is mostly exciting. I am mostly chill and go-with-the-flow. But some days I have a moment where I stare at pictures of silly gadgets in pregnant mom magazines and worry that I won’t be prepared. Welcome to the brain of a 20-week, first-time, expectant mom. It’s a little crazy in here… proceed with caution!