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Dearest Ruthie,

The first time I met your father, I seriously creeped him out. No really – I did. We were at a friend’s house and he introduced himself to me. I responded that I knew his name, that I knew exactly who he was. He’ll confirm to you that this was, in fact, quite strange. Luckily, he did not let my stalker tendencies deter him and 15 years later, here we are – married with a beautiful baby girl.

In reality, before we move on with the rest of this story, I would like to pause and counter your father’s assertion that I creeped him out – the whole story is that I did know him. In my defense, we had grown up in the same elementary school, he a year older than me. We shared a gifted education classroom when I was in 3rd and he was in 4th grade. We even have pictures to prove it. I can’t help it that I am observant and have an outstanding memory while he clearly did not notice me, the shining star that I was.

But back to that moment – high school me, talking to high school Dad. It was the start of something great, though at the time who would have known? Your dad was the cool kid – captain of the baseball team, really funny and easy going, just an all-around good guy. I wouldn’t call myself cool in high school – maybe on the cusp of cool but certainly not with the “in” crowd. So when he wanted to start hanging out with me, I was clearly pumped.


It started with friendship, which really is just representative of our whole relationship. We hung out after school and on weekends. I took him to our Christmas formal (our first date, as we now call it). I remember vividly the feeling of being so safe and secure as he held my hand through the crowded room. From there, I knew in the back of my mind that he was more than a friend, but it was not until a few weeks later that we took that next step.

All it took was a car crash. No… really. It sounds crazy now that it took me, driving with him in the passenger seat, getting hit by an oncoming car, to acknowledge that this guy who had become my best friend was in fact so much more, but that’s how it went down. We were driving to meet a friend for dinner and in a split second a car collided into mine, spinning my car around. In the moments that followed, he was exactly who I needed and, as I realized, exactly who I needed in my life forever.

We dated through the rest of high school and through college. I remember so well his family embracing me as their own and my family doing likewise to him. We grew up together over those years – and had a lot of fun in the process. Going to college together seemed so cliché at the time but I’m so glad we did. I definitely had my own set of friends and activities, but I was able to be with him during such an exciting phase of life. Through it all – figuring out majors, going to date parties, running for student government elections, applying to medical school, we were by each other’s side.

As I write about how I met your father, my mind wanders back to those early days. To the stolen hand holding those first days after we started dating. To the moment when I realized that I wanted your father in my life forever. To the moment he was leaving for freshman year of college and my heart was breaking. To the moments spent laughing together over anything and everything.


We started as friends and that is exactly what we are now. He is my best friend. He is my companion on this journey of life. He is my husband and, now, your father. When I imagine the type of person I want for you in a father, he is all of those things – kind, funny, patient, responsible, playful, loving… I hope that you grow up seeing all of these traits in your dad. And, someday, I hope that you are lucky enough to meet a man who treats you the way your dad treats us both. We’re both truly lucky girls to have your dad in our lives.

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