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Over the next few weeks, we will offer several different points of view on having a nanny. These “Nanny Blogs” will offer different perspectives from moms that have had nannies, currently have a nanny, and one that WAS a nanny. Enjoy!

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When I was in graduate school, I had clinical rotations during the day and classes at night, which really left this mother of two wondering: who would watch my children? Obviously, I needed help. My son was born two weeks prior to my orientation week, so we knew that a Nanny would best fit our needs. My husband is self-employed and was able to arrange his schedule to be off on Thursdays with our children and, in exchange, he would work on Saturdays. This was definitely not ideal, but it was what we had to do to get through my training. The remaining days were covered by our nanny. 

We were getting closer and closer to my school’s start day and still did not have anyone to help us. We even thought I would have to put school on hold and then just at the break of the dawn, the Lord clearly answered our prayers with Chelsea. I will not go into the details of how we found our nanny, but I will say that it was meant to be: she was an energetic newlywed, new Memphian, and wonderful with (our) children.

I am still in shock that I have **finally** graduated and am now working. Because of that, Chelsea has moved on as our full time nanny and now only babysits for us in the evenings. I had previously been so focused on the finish line of graduation, boards, etc. that I did not take into account the void that would form at the end of it all. She was someone with whom I could leave my children without worry when they were ill, someone who would take them places I, myself, did not want to go (read: the children’s museum), someone who listened to them when they spoke, someone who played hair salon with my daughter whenever she pleased, someone who was always willing to play outside or go to the park in conditions where I would have made an excuse to not go, someone who would stay late (without complaining) if I was caught up at the hospital, someone who was a good influence on my children, and someone who would drop off my online returns at the post-office (!!!!!).

She did so much more than watch my kids. She cared for my children and blessed us so richly, all while sending me photos of the moments I was missing.

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I now realize how bittersweet the finish line is. I am, above all, ecstatic to be back with my children; but if I am honest, we all miss our Nanny dear friend!  

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Wife to Timothy for 8 years and mother to Wallace (October 2012) and Ari (July 2016), Laura believes in encouraging women in all seasons of their lives, and especially in the season of motherhood. She’s a first-generation Memphian, an advocate for adoption, a lover of words and the Word, and an avid science nerd, fascinated with GI physiology. Did you know the absorptive area of the human intestinal tract is roughly the size of a tennis court? Fascinating, right? Recently, she completed her Master’s in Clinical Nutrition to become a registered dietitian nutritionist. She’d like to say that she is a coffee aficionado, but she can’t. She navigates life un-caffeinated albeit mildly obsessed with hydration; she’d be more likely to forget what day it is before her water bottle. In recent years, friendship, wholeness, motherhood, and family have been the song of Laura’s heart, as she has been reawakened to the see the depths of love and grace. She counts it a great privilege to walk beside friends in the easy or the difficult, the ordinary or the unthinkable. For right where we are, there is grace enough, sufficient to carry us through the day.