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heart over pregnant body

A Love Letter To My Pregnant Self

Dear Pregnant Self, Yay! We did it, Mama. Welcome to week 33 of your pregnancy! I am so proud of you! I can't believe how time just...

Preparing for Life to Change When You Become a Mom

It’s important to prioritize your health and wellness as a mom, even though it seems that that is the easiest thing to struggle with....
Kela Birthing at home

Black Women Need Black Doulas

Black women need black doulas. Doulas may be a luxury for some, but in today's climate...it's a necessity. The black mothers' mortality rate needs to...

My Covid Pregnancy

We had just heard about the coronavirus making its way to our borders.  Perhaps there were already a few cases in America, but my...
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With Every Baby A Mother Is Also Born

I finished my medical training as an interventional cardiologist in June 2019 in New Jersey when my husband and I decided to make our...

New baby? No problem, Part 1

So you're preggers (or adopting) again? Congratulations! You're about to enter the world of being a mom times two... or more. It's the most...

Don’t Call My Baby A Quarantine Baby

When my husband and I got married in August of 2019 we had already put plans in place to get pregnant right after our...

Making the Case for Advanced Maternal Age

My parents were 33 and 40 years old when I – their first and only child – came along. They were of advanced parental...

When TV Scripted Drama Hits a Nerve

Some television shows take you away from your reality. They bring a level of entertainment, drama, comedy to your life for a short amount...

Pregnancy in a Pandemic

When I first tested had a positive pregnancy test last fall, I could have never envisioned my pregnancy would unfold the way it did....