50 Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July at Home


Staying home doesn’t mean forgoing family fun this 4th of July! We’ve listed 50 ways to help you make some amazing memories this summer. {Hopefully} you’ll be inspired to try something new! Have more ideas? Tag your holiday photos #memphismomco and we’ll be sure to share on our Instagram page.


  1. painting fireworks

    image courtesy of Pinterest
  2. sponge star paintings (paint in the bathtub with red & blue tub paint — extra easy clean up plus end of the day fun for the kids!)July
  3. red, white and blue pinwheels
  4. popsicle stick flags

    image courtesy of Pinterest
  5. Happy 4th handprintJuly
  6. parade wands
    * all you need is a dowel rod, fabric scraps, ribbons, and washi tape! Using the tape, decorate the rod. Tie to the top of the rod varying lengths of strips of fabric and various kinds of ribbons!
  7. paper plate lady liberty hats


  1. southern Mac n’ Cheese
  2. red, white and blue fruit skewers

    image courtesy of ideas.evite.com
  3. really good baked beans
    1 big can of Bush’s Homestyle beans
    1 big can of Bush’s Onion beans
    1 package Hormel already cooked bacon — cut into 1 inch pieces
    1/4 C chopped onion
    Heat both cans of beans + onions until boiling. Stir a lot! Reduce heat and add bacon!
  4. the perfect All American hot dog
  5. How to cut a watermelon in 1 minute:
    • Cut off the ends. Lay the watermelon on a cuttingboard and trim both ends with a sharp (or serrated) knife
    • Slice in half. Stand up the watermelon and slice down the middle to create two big halves
    • Quarter
    • then finally make triangles
  6. Independence Day truffle dessert
  7. blueberry tomato caprese salad

    image courtesy of freutcake.com


  1. red, white and blue layered jello shots
  2. red, white and blue sangria
  3. kid friendly patriotic punch
    Start by filling your glass about 1/4-1/3 of the way up with the drink with the highest sugar content per serving (we suggest can-cherry juice for red).
    Then, fill the cup FULL with ice.
    Pour the drink with the next highest sugar content (we suggest a alcohol-free Pina colada mix for white) very slowly over the ice. You’ll use the ice as a sort of buffer – pouring directly on to the ice with a very slow pour — pour too fast and the colors will combine into pink
    Repeat with the last layer (blue — some sort of blue raspberry punch)
    Snip the ends off of a red twizzler candy and place in the drink for a fun straw!

    image courtesy of Pinterest
  4. easy kid smoothies : strawberry (red) or blueberry (blue)


  1. Decorate your bike for a parade

    image courtesy of Pinterest
  2. cornhole
  3. find the mini flag
    Similar to hide and seek, one member of the family hides a small American flag (indoors or outdoors, but specify where). When a person finds the flag, they simply stay quiet and come back and sit down at base. The last person to find the flag hides it the next round!
  4. sprinkler fun
  5. slip n’ slide
  6. family scavenger hunt

    July hunt
    Enjoy this easy hunt even toddlers can do!
  7. hula hoop competition
  8. 4 square
  9. DYI balloon piñata
  10. Flag Tag Relay
  11. DYI marshmallow shooters
  12. Build a fire
  13. Roast weenies and smores


  1. 4th of July trivia
  2. Independence Day bingo (free printable)
  3. Make patriotic playdoh
    In a medium saucepan, add 1 cup of flour, 2 teaspoons of cream of tarter, and 1/3 cup of salt. Next, add 1 cup of water and 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. Turn your burner on medium/low and stir. (It might be a little lumpy and that’s fine!). Before it starts getting thick (this is going to happen fast, so be ready), add your red food dye. Keep stirring as it thickens up. Once, the dough is thick and not wet, put on wax paper and allow to cool.  Once cool, knead for 30 seconds. Store in a zip-lock bag. Makes 1 batch. Repeat with blue dye and keep one batch “plain” for white.
  4. Paint your nails red, white, and blue
  5. listen to patriotic songs
  6. teach younger kids the pledge of allegiance
  7. Put together an American jigsaw puzzleJuly
  8. patriotic Glow stick party (for extra points create glow stick people!)


  1. The 50 statesJuly
  2. This Little President
  3. Founding MothersJuly
  4. Wonders of the USA
  5. The Night Before 4th of July
  6. I Love You Americanly July
  7. George Washington : The First President
  8. Magic Treehouse #22 : Revolutionary War on Wednesday

at home FIREWORKS and FUN

  1. Sparklers!July
  2. Smoke bombs
  3. bottle rockets


  1. Southaven is having their fireworks show on Saturday, July 4 at 9 pm. Admission is free.
  2. Millington plans to host its Annual Flag City Freedom Celebration at USA Stadium on Thursday, July 2 6:00-9:30 p.m. Masks are required and parking ($5) is limited, so plan on getting there early!

Downtown’s Quintessential Summer Celebration

There is no fireworks display this year. Instead, downtown is hosting 5 days of summer fun from July 1-5. Here is the list of activities:

  1. Paddle the Memphis Harbor- Hourly kayak rentals are available from 4th Cup in River Garden for $20/hour. Walk up hours are 11am-sunset from July 1-5. Everything is being sanitized between uses.
  2. Sunset Stand-Up Paddleboard Tour- On July 4th and 5th at 7:30 pm. Secure your reservations at sup901.com. All equipment is sanitized between each use.
  3. Guided Sunset Paddle down the Mississippi River- On July 1-3 at 7p.m., this tour starts at the Wolf River and ends in the Memphis Harbor. The tour is $75/person and reservations are required, call 901-482-2942
  4. Self-Guided Bike Tour- Bring your own bike or rent an Explore Bike Share bike. Curated routes available for self-guided rides.
  5. Holiday Picnic- Many Downtown Memphis restaurants are doing deals on family meals meant to be enjoyed outside. Search #fivedaysinmemphis for participating restaurants.
  6. Fun Kid Activities- Featured parks are offering an adventure for kids to complete. Once they complete them all, they receive a “badge” from 4th Cup!
  7. Enjoy the Sunset Show- Memphis has one of the most spectacular sunsets on the river! A nightly coordinated Mighty Lights show set to Memphis music will create a fun experience for visitors each night, July 1-5!