Friday Favorites by Jocelyn


It’s Friday, it’s Friday, it’s the last day of the (work)week – it’s Friday! Per Julie Andrews – these a few of my (Friday) favorites!

Non-alcoholic summer drinks!

Drink on table summer drink are my favorites
Comeback Coffee’s “Dayglow” in all her glory

Summer is coming to an end, but the weather is still warm, so bring on all the things cold and iced! Last year, Starbucks came out with some super yummy drinks that are like a sunny beach day in a cup! Their iced guava passionfruit drink is my current go-to. Guava juice, with notes of passionfruit and some pineapple mixed in, AND coconut milk? Say no more! I have been known to have this drink in hand while I sunbathe in my front yard. If you want to support local, Comeback Coffee downtown has a FANtastic iced matcha latte (named “Dayglow”) with berry lavendar foam that is *chef’s kiss* good.

Boba tea

Two boba drinks
Passionfruit Green Tea boba (left) & Classic Black Milk Tea (right)

Speaking of drinks…have you tried boba yet? Also known as “bubble tea“, this traditional Taiwanese drink is a great crowd pleaser, especially if you want to try something new. You can try all sorts of flavors, from tea-based drinks to fruit-based drinks, and add tapioca balls (“boba”) for an added delight. Poke World just opened up a new location in East Memphis (they have one in Cordova too), and I may or may not have already completed my punch card for a free drink (that’s six drinks but who’s counting). Tenn Tea is also a great choice for any midtowners wanting to quench their boba thirst.

“Last Chance U: Basketball”

East Los Angeles College Basketball team my favorites
Source: Netflix

Listen. Words cannot describe how much I love Coach Mosley, his small but mighty coaching staff, and this team of young men. If you’re familiar with the “Last Chance U” series on Netflix, it has typically focused on Juco (junior college) football teams, but this year Netflix gave us the gift of the story behind East Los Angeles College’s 2019-2020 basketball season. You don’t have to love basketball to love this show, but if you’re a sucker for a good human story, this is the next binge show for you. When I tell you I CRIED through the entirety of the last episode of this remarkable show, my eyes stayed puffy for two days after. Be warned: this season also highlights the death of Kobe Bryant and the impact of COVID-19 on the basketball community, so if you’re not ready to see these things play out in a docuseries, maybe wait a year (or two) to binge. Not kidding.

Ordering breakfast

Table with breakfast foods

There’s something about someone else cooking the simplest of foods that just makes me happy. Breakfast “out” is an absolute favorite right now: I get to sleep in later, order from the comfort of my own home/bed if I so choose, and there’s minimal to no clean up. Give me all the hash browns, bacon, sunny side up eggs, coffee, and a biscuit on the side.

Lounge bras

Two bras are my favorites

What’s more “weekend” than being able to tear off that constricting bra and lounge in comfort for the evening? Well what if I told you that you could wear a bra AND still feel like you’re lounging? I found these seamless laser-cut bras in a 2-pack at TJ Maxx and it has revolutionized what I consider a bra. They’re called “lounge bras” for heaven’s sake. It’s like wearing a sports bra, without feeling like I have to workout just to get in and out of them. Are they also supportive enough to be worn in non-lounge situations, like under a work blouse? Yes. They may not be for everyone (due to chest size and support needed), but if you’ve been searching for something like this, give them a try!

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Jocelyn moved to Memphis in 2015 with her husband, not knowing a soul. Now, it’s as if she has always lived here! Jocelyn is a first generation Asian-American who was born in California, grew up overseas (Thailand), and moved back to the States in middle school. After leaving home (Maryland) for college in the south (Georgia), Jocelyn hasn’t left the south and her childhood friends claim she has a southern accent. Currently, Jocelyn is a School Social Worker who spends most of her time helping little + big humans navigate how to be healthy humans in this world (and all the highs and lows that come with it). She is also on her own journey of discovering what it means to be an introvert and a mom. Jocelyn and her husband welcomed Charlotte (2018) to their family and are in awe of how much fun it is and how crazy it can be to raise a little human. When she’s not working, Jocelyn can be found in fuzzy socks doing a puzzle, enjoying alone time at a coffee shop, scouring Target’s Dollar Spot for things she definitely doesn’t need, and cheering on the Memphis Grizzlies.