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Ah, fall in the South. It’s the time of layering due to 30 degree temperature swings, pumpkin spice everything, pumpkins on pallets next to watermelon, and {most importantly} football.

Before NFL, before the glories of college football, before Friday Night Lights, parents get up early on Saturday mornings, sacrifice family dinners for practices, and cheer on their children’s flag football teams.

boys playing flag football

We sat down with Macy Landa, an MMC contributor and first time flag football mom, and Lang Whitaker, a flag football coach for his son’s team to talk about flag football.

“How did your kids get into flag football?”

Macy’s son had been playing year round soccer, but asked several times to play after seeing flyers for it. Lang’s son is interested in trying out as many sports as he can and when an opportunity to play came up, he jumped at it. Interesting to note: their kids are several years apart, but both playing flag football. If you have a child in upper elementary school, they can play flag football and learn the basics! To find a league, click HERE!

“What do practices look like for the ages of your kids?”

Herding cats. Mass chaos. Lots of running. Very basic skills at this stage.

“What are some tips you have for living your lives around practices easier?”

Mentally prepare for the day. Visualize your day. Try to drop kids at practice, run an errand or two, then pick them up. If you’re a coach, try to be grateful for the time you get with your child;they aren’t at school, you aren’t at work, try and embrace the time together. Finally, preparation is key; getting everything ready the night before can save the day.

“Kids are playing flag football for longer. What are those benefits?”

They gain football skills (passing and catching, how plays work, etc.) and strategies first. It’s important to have those basic skills before moving on to tackle football. In addition, for parents who may not be familiar with the sport for whatever reason (cultural, previous lack of interest, etc.), they can also learn how it works and what it is all about.

“What do you hope your kids gain from participating in flag football?”

Teamwork. It’s more than just you. It takes others to help you accomplish something.

When you practice and put in the work, you can SEE your results; you can tangibly measure improvement. That is a skill that can transfer to school, life, etc.

To see the full video, click below!


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