The Weather Outside is Frightful: Fun Indoor Activities to Use this Fall and Winter


Welcome Fall.

Welcome pumpkin spice, changing leaves, football and all the fun things about this time of year.

Also, a (not-so-special) welcome to Memphis’s crazy weather seasons.

What’s that you say? It gives you whiplash, too? 

Mother Nature can’t seem to decide on how she wants to handle us here in the mid-south, and, for parents, this can be extremely irritating. The Memphis area has a plethora of outdoor options for our kids and us – Shelby Farms, Memphis Zoo, numerous splash parks and regular parks … just to name a few. There are a lot of indoor activities around the city, as well … but what about when we’re stuck at home?

(I’m reminded of 2015’s Icemageddon that locked all of Memphis inside for 2 straight weeks … right around spring break. Because OF COURSE Mother Nature would time a city-wide lock-down when parents are already scrambling to figure out what to do with their kids for a random week in March.)

So it’s important we’re prepared — especially moms of Littles who are expected to be Entertainment.

Because, while the weather outside can be frightful, the weather inside is always under control.

 These are some of our favorites at MMB to help keep kiddos {busy/entertained/engaged/out-of-your-hair} this bi-polar weather season.


This is where your kids get to be the director! Have them create and act out their own commercials, plays or the next Broadway musical. Use Whose Line is it Anyway as inspiration for a round of improv. Set up a theater with dining room chairs and, once the show is ready, take a seat with some popcorn and watch your kiddos perform.

Master Chef

If you’re feeling brave (and patient), invite your child to cook lunch or dinner with you. Older children should be able to read and follow directions, and, with supervision, can most likely execute a simple meal successfully. You can even google children recipe books with simple recipes for snack-type items if you are not wanting to supervise too much.


Fort Funston (or Fort *Insert Your Own Last Name*)

This is an old favorite in my house, and it doesn’t take any new supplies. Depending on the age/size of your children, you may need to help move some things, but once set-up, you can let them run with it. 

Take blankets, couch cushions, chairs, sleeping bags and anything else you may have and re-create the inside of your home as a Fort. 

Ninja Spies

This one goes out to the parent who just wants to be left alone. Tell your kids to dress up in all black and pretend you (the parent) are the bad guy. They must sneak around and spy on you, but never – never! – be seen or heard by you. This game can buy you up to an hour of peace, as least. #YourWelcome 😉


Screen Time

GoNoddle{dot}com is a new resource I recently learned about from a fellow MMB contributor, and I am LOVING it. It has tons of videos to get your kids moving and get the wiggles out. A sanity saver while I’m trying to not burn dinner on the stove.

Another favorite in our home when it comes to screen time is ABCMouse{dot}com. For a small fee, your subscription offers your kiddo access to thousands of learning activities related to math, social studies, music, reading and art. 

Indoor Playground

If you have time to prep before the weather hits, bring those outdoor toys inside. Clear a path through the house and let the bikes or scooters run through, set up a indoor mini-tramp and doorway swings. The biggest treat for my kids is when I move furniture and blow up our jumping castle right smack in the middle of our living room. They get a kick out of doing an outdoor activity inside. 


Grab the play doh, water colors, crayons, colored pens and blank paper or paper bags and have your kiddos’ inner Picasso come alive. Have them recreate famous artwork, places or sculptures and then share them with the world. Have them put them on display in the dining or living room and invite all adults into their own National Museum of Art. But be careful, some kids are thrifty and will charge for entry. 😉 

What other indoor activities do you keep in your back pocket for days at home?