Memphis Neighborhood Bear Hunt


we're going on a bear hunt

Get Started on your Bear Hunt!

Image from local Facebook group, 901 Bears

Find a teddy bear! If you don’t have a real one, use this template to download one! Color then cut it out. (Mamas — pro tip: make the bears as a craft one day and then do the hunt the next)

Display your bear(s) in your window, on your front porch, in your yard, or even draw one on your sidewalk or driveway!



bear hunt we're going to catch a big one

Get Excited!

If your kids don’t know this story, be sure to read the book, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” before you take off. 

We suggest you buy the book from Novel. to be delivered right to your front door as an added surprise! You can also watch the book being read out loud and performed by the author, Michael Rosen, on YouTube as a special night time story. So cool!




bear hunt what a beautiful day

Get Ready to Go!

Gather your kids, babies, and maybe even the family dog! Strap into those strollers or dust off that wagon. You are now ready to go on an EPIC neighborhood walk. Bring some binoculars! Or that old fishing net hanging out in the garage. Maybe put on Grandpa’s old floppy hat. There’s no limit to how much fun to be had! 

Don’t feel like walking? Driving in the car is A-Okay, too!

bear hunt we're not scared

Document Your Hunt!

The fun in a neighborhood bear hunt is to see how many houses (and neighborhoods!) participate. Let your neighbors know you would like them to join in! Mention this idea on your own NextDoor neighborhood app, or join the city-wide Facebook group, 901 Bears. Maybe you give your elderly neighbor a beautiful, handmade bear as a cheerful present so they can add to the hunt! 

*Don’t forget* to take lots of pictures of all the bears you find, the neighborhoods/zip codes you find them in, and post to social media. Be sure to tag @memphismomsblog on both Facebook and Instagram, so we can share in all the fun, too! Don’t “be scared” of being quarantined — there’s lots of scavenger hunt fun in Memphis! #memphisbearhunt