Seeking Adventure in Memphis


Parenthood is an adventure. To feed this adventure, we need to seek our own individual adventures. In Memphis, there are plenty of things to do for an adventurous individual, and I have compiled a list of my Top Five adventure-seeking activities.

1. Axe Throwing

This is a fun activity to do with a group of girls or as a date night with your SO. My husband and I went axe throwing at Craft Axe Throwing in downtown Memphis, and we had a great experience there. We went to Craft Axe around 10pm on a weekend, and we were the only ones there. We had great instruction and then were let loose to throw some axes for an hour. At first I was terrified, but after a little bit of warming up, I got the hang of it and loved it! I would totally do it again. They also have little competitions, and I would totally be up for that!

Axe Throwing with my husband was a perfect date night adventure
Axe Throwing with my husband at Civil Axe Throwing

2. Take a class

If you like a more quiet type of adventure, there are plenty of classes to take around town. I have taken several art classes around town, and the places I would recommend are Arrow Creative and Five in One Social Club. Recently, I painted a nutcracker at Arrow Creative. And a few years ago, I made my own wooden Christmas ornaments at Five in One. It is definitely peaceful and a good outlet to take a break from parenthood.

Take a class
Making nutcrackers with a friend

3. Go Climbing

We have two awesome rock climbing places in town: High Point Climbing and Memphis Rox.  I have yet to try High Point (I can’t wait!) but Memphis Rox is really cool. It is a community-based gym and is pay what you can. They also offer classes. I have taken a really cool Africa Yoga Project class there before! If you are more of an outdoorsy type person and want to try the Go Ape rope course at Shelby Farms, that is also a fun option! When it first opened, I was working at Shelby Farms and there was a big hype about it. It looks great, and I can’t wait to try it with a group of friends some day when the weather is amazing (some time in the Spring).

Rock Climbing is such a fun adventure
Rock Climbing at Memphis Rox

4. Go Boating

There are many options for this adventure (and can be with or without kids). The first option is to rent a boat at Shelby Farms (or bring your own) and go out onto Hyde Lake (the biggest lake at the park). You can even rent a paddleboard. If you are really adventurous and want to take it even a step further, try a paddleboard yoga class. I have taken several and loved being out on the water and trying to balance on the board (Luckily, I never fell in!) They also have paddle boats for rent at the Shelby Farms Pine Lake in the Spring & Summer. If you are wanting to rent boats a different location, Kayak Memphis is doing downtown boat rentals and tours. However, if you’re not a person who wants to get out on the water themselves, then using an electric powered RC boat on the water is also an option. I got one as a Christmas gift and it is amazing! (And not just for kids!)

First time on the canoe with Nora

5. Put on your dancing shoes

There are many places to take dance lessons in Memphis, but one place I would recommend is the Rumba Room downtown. They have free swing dance and salsa lessons on the weekends! This was the first place I went out to when I first arrived in Memphis in 2011, and it has been a favorite ever since! Just be prepared: during the dance lesson you will have to dance with everyone who takes the lesson.

Dancing at the Rumba Room, my first ever Memphis adventure
Dancing at the Rumba Room

I hope you can pick and choose your own adventure! Let me know what you end up doing, and whether you are doing it alone or with someone else.

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Originally from the Netherlands, Vivian moved to Memphis in 2011. She received a full athletic scholarship to combine her studies with athletics, throwing shot put, discus, and hammer for the University of Memphis. Vivian graduated with a Bachelor’s in Sport & Leisure Management in 2014 and a Master’s in Communication in 2016. After graduating, she started working in education and became a Physical Education Teacher in 2017. She taught at a private school for 3 years before becoming a stay-at-home mom to a sweet little girl, Nora (September 2019). Vivian met her husband Travis at the University of Memphis, hit it off in Europe, and married on a leap year (February 29, 2016). Together they own a quadplex in the Binghampton community. Vivian loves traveling and exploring new places with her husband and child. She enjoys hanging out with her fellow international friends, trying new exercise classes, and being creative by coloring, painting, or writing.


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