{Summer} Friday Favorites by Colleen


It’s Friday Favorites time! This summer I have a mix of seasonal and anytime favorites to share with you. So let’s get to it!

Magnolia Soap Citronella Insect Repellent

Picture of a stick of insect repellent

GAME CHANGER. I am hooked on this amazing product this summer! It is a lotion stick that is super effective at keeping bugs from biting you. Use it on yourself, the kids, and the babies. We usually put a swipe on each arm and leg and have the kids rub it in. A little goes a long way, and it lasts for a few hours because it’s a lotion and has essential oils in it. Oh and it smells great too! Check it out here.

Popsicle Holders

Popsicle holders

The Easter Bunny brought these this year and they have been a huge hit! (I got them at Hobby Lobby.) I like these because they fit multiple sizes of popsicle sticks, are easy for little hands to hold, and can go in the dishwasher. Plus, there’s a built in straw so your kids can drink the melted part (it’s HOT this summer!)!

Fun Vinyl Tablecloths

Although these aren’t the most environmentally friendly table coverings, they do last a really long time. I get mine at Walmart for $3-4, and they last a month or two. You can wipe them off easily and they have a soft layer underneath so they’re really hard to rip or cut, saving your table from scratches, burns, and stains. They always come in fun seasonal patterns too! I usually save the holiday ones and reuse them for a couple years.

Bottle and Straw Brushes

Picture of a bottle brush and 8 straw brushes

My family uses a lot of water bottles and reusable cups with straws, especially in the summer. These brushes make cleaning them so easy! The brushes come in several sizes which is really helpful, and I like the peace of mind that all the water bottle parts have gotten a good scrub. I ordered the straw brushes from Amazon and got the bottle brush at Target.

Flour Sack Towels

Image of a stack of 5 white towels

I have a million of these. They start off as drying towels for dishes and then end up being used to wipe up messes, eventually turning into cleaning rags when they get too stained. Flour sack towels are super absorbent, but also dry really quickly. Also you can get 4 large ones for $5 at Target, so they’re super reasonable.

Bonus: My Crazy Ducks

image of 3 ducks
Any time I go into my driveway they come over to say hi.

My husband got 3 ducklings for his birthday that have bonded to me and follow me everywhere. They’re hilarious and refuse to go in our pond, preferring their kiddie pool. Meet Saltine Quackers (tan), Lookout Duck (green head), and Quacker Jackie (mottled).

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Colleen is new to Memphis (February 2020), but has fallen in love with the area already. She has been married to her husband Ryan since 2015 and they have 2 children; Addison (2016) and Orin (2018). They also have 3 dogs and a Crested Gecko. Colleen was born and raised in Massachusetts, went to college in Florida (go CANES!), and lived in New Mexico before her husband’s job brought the family to Tennessee. She is so excited to be living somewhere green again; the desert was not her thing! Before she had kids Colleen worked in veterinary medicine. She became a stay-at-home mom after the birth of her first child and started a dog training business shortly after, focusing on family dogs. Colleen runs on way too much black coffee, loves a good book, baking, and driving fast cars.


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